Japanese Charizard - EX Crystal Guardians - Sell or PSA??

Hey guys,
I recently opened a box of Japanese miracle crystal (ie ex crystal guardians) and pulled a charizard delta species. It is in mint condition straight from the booster pack.

Was just wondering what you think it would be worth on eBay as it is, or do you think it would be worth it in terms of added value to send and get it graded?

I’ve put a link so you can see a picture of the card in question. Thanks for the help!

Charizard Card Picture

I would probably grade it. I wouldn’t be surprised if a PSA 10 copy could fetch over $100. :blush:

I would value it over 200. I’ve had about 5-6 english psa 10 charizards of that card and the power keepers one (both reg holo and rev holo). I sold the power keepers one for 100 paypal gift and 125 for the crystal gurdians version. The Japanese ones being harder to come across and lower pop I’d value it higher.