Japanese CD Promo

Hey guys anyone have a new Japanese CD promo they want to sell? (The one with 10 promo cards) Thanks! PM me

sent you a PM

Anyone else? Had a couple offers but still looking

How much are you willing to pay? We’re you unhappy with the other offers?

I’ve still got a couple of cases of them. Factory-sealed. I generally sell them for $50 each, but the shipping from Japan can be a bit expensive (around $15).

Ya just more than I wanted to pay. One offer was $40 opened. I was kind of hoping for one sealed for $35-40. Japanime offered me one for $65 like he just mentioned, I appreciate his offer but I think I’ll wait. That’s got to be tough for him though trying to sell stuff when the shipping fee kills you like that.

It is a trade off. When I purchase from him, I know I am going to pay intense shipping fees.

HOWEVER, I am guaranteed an original, pristine, factory-sealed copy from a trustworthy individual.

9 times out of 10, I’ll eat the extra shipping costs.

Wow good to note! I’ll remember that for future stuff!

and its as simple a that! Glenn (Japanime) is one of the best guys you can deal with. Plus if you buy a few items the shipping cost really isn’t much.

Oh but to be fair since I’m in Australia, with the recent price rise of international shipping in USA its basically the same and sometimes cheaper for me but i purchase alot of bits and pieces at the same time.

Ya I’ll have to remember that when I’m ready to spend a bunch of money again! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have only made one purchase from him, but I know that even in negotiations for other purchases where we couldn’t meet a final price, he was beyond pleasant.

Thanks for the nice comment! :blush:

I would have to agree as so far I haven’t bought anything from him through our messaging and yet he has indeed been very pleasant!