Japanese Booster Box 5 per order or per person?

Hi guys,

As the title says, pokemon center online says 5 boxes maximum but middlemen services definitely get more than one order, so pretty sure they have a way around the 5 box limit.

Tried google translate but was unable to understand whether it is 5 max per order with unlimited orders or whether it is a maximum of 5 per person. Anyone else knows how allocation works on these?


Supply is limited everywhere. A year or two ago you could buy any main set from distribution. They would stay in stock for 6 months-1 year. Now each set is immediately sold out. After pre-order there is no option to buy. Until this pattern changes internally, Pokemon center will most likely continue to limit orders.

Yup, I’ve been following the trend for the last couple of years. Seems a bit better now with the 5 box limit, and SM10 hasn’t sold out yet, so hopefully the pattern will change for better slowly. Looks like they were just being extremely cautious fo fear of overproduction as you and Jun mentioned in your previous videos.

I’ve ordered 5 SM10 boxes from my middleman, but was wondering whether I will be able to buy 5 more on my next order. Really can’t figure out how this limit works.