Japanese 1st Edition Base Alakazam

Hey, I know there was a discussion about 1st Edition Japanese Base Cards and a few people were interested. Here is an Alakazam if anyone is interested:


Also a Poliwrath:


Hey, thanks for pointing that out! I’m tempted. What is fair value for these cards? And can you tell from looking at a sealed Japanese Base box if it is 1st edition or unlimited? For example, poly_100’s box is most likely unlimited but can you tell for sure from looking at the pictures?

BTW, the earlier discussion with definition of 1st edition is here.

Perhaps just “1st” :blush: I was not aware of the origin of cards printed with no rarity symbol. I always falsely assumed that they were starter deck cards.

i wouldnt call em 1st edition since there is no symbol or sign i would just call them first wave releases.but maybe they could have been just released in the theme decks

Ya, I thought they were starter deck cards as well until that thread was started . I have a base starter deck and they definitely have rarity marks.

Just found another:


I also looked through my cards, I have 28 “first release” base cards, all commons/uncommons (I have a Pikachu!). Now I am debating if I should collect them or try and sell them. For all sets after Neo 4, I have not been collecting a 1st edition and an unlimited set, but maybe for the Base set I’ll have to make an exception.

About how many base cards did you screen for first release? In your cards, what is the approximate ratio of base first release to base unlimited?

Well its hard to say, I won a lot of cards on YJ! and out of about 1000 base cards I had 28. But over my career of selling/collecting I come across over 5000 base cards and only owned 1 of these before (but it was in such bad condition I immediately got rid of it).