Jan 19 - Jan 25, 2014 - No Rarity Charizard



Why did wizards remove the shadow for their first edition and shadowless prints?

They wanted to follow in Topsun and Media Factory’s footsteps by making design changes after the first print run. Pretty much just a theme with all pokemon card companies excluding Bandai and Meiji. :stuck_out_tongue:

If only they still did it…

People are crazy to spend hundreds of dollars for a card that has no rarity symbol.

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That Charizard was on Y!J for a few days and no one bought it! BIN 2800 JPY

Yes but the conditions of the card are not very good…

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I saw on pokegym that Rusty sold an authenticated one for $300

I love it when I hear collectors call other collectors “crazy.”

Have you looked at yourself in a mirror lately? :grin:

The truth of the matter is, we’re all crazy. We all spend enormous amounts of money on pieces of cardboard.

Or, in your case, enormous amounts of money on mylar wrappers. :rofl: