Its now easier to buy a house than Illustrator

Well, I was browsing eBay when I realized that ebirdman has a copy of Illustrator up for $100,000. REALLY?!?!?! 100 Grand?! You can buy a house with that kind of money, let alone a piece of cardboard. Am I the only one that thinks this is ludicrous?

He doesn’t have the card. It is just to get attention to his site, extremely unethical.

When I talked to him last (a few moths ago) He informed me that he did purchase the illustrator and the SSB…in which he made an offer for mine. So i’m not sure if he has it or not. However I certainly do not agree with his tactics to get views.

I know 100% he does not have the card, I will give more info on everything in a couple weeks.

okay…now I’m really intrigued…did you happen purchase the illustrator :blush:?

Wow what a shady way to run a buisness.

Definitely. It is listed at an astronomical price so that no one will buy it since it is not there.

I will give full details in a couple weeks on the whole situation.

Mike - I LOVE your new avatar (hmmm, another excuse for the kissy emoticon! :stuck_out_tongue:)

Sounds intriguing. I don’t know the details but from what I know its a little shady rather than downright unethical. But obviously Scott knows the full details, which I don’t

Hahaha gotta respect Giovanni :blush:

Its sad that something as simple and enjoyable as collecting pokemon cards has to be labled as unethical. :confused:

Some weird shit happens when big deals go down… its sad but true :slightly_frowning_face:

Of course, they’re not always sucky - I’m hoping to get my latest mega purchases from the two Scotts tomorrow! That went without a hitch!

Yes, your purchases were the opposite of unethical! And things do get crazy the higher the price is on cards, it is sad. :confused:

I hope I get them tomorrow, it usually takes a week from the US! Excited! But I also need to spend my time tomorrow studying like crazy :confused:

What are you studying for?

Next actuarial exams. An Economics paper, and a Mathematical Finance paper. Both boring. The maths one is supposed to be hard but actually I think I can pass with just practise.

After these are done, just three more exams to go. Urgh, I want these done quickly!!!

Are these for work? I do not miss any of my math exams :blush:

Yeah of course! Why else would I be taking these exams?

Just in case anyone is curious… (the first lot are considered trivially easy as far as actuarial exams go)

Nope - that’s the bloody annoying thing. It has nothing to do with what I do at work :confused: