Italian Skyridge Charizard Reverse Holo

Price for this card its in
Nm/M condition as in definite psa 9

Putting any card in a PSA case doesn’t just straight up increase it’s value. Card have a real value and virtual value. A card in a PSA case increases it’s virtual value, not the real value of the card( I.E a 5 dollar card in a PSA 10 case doesn’t make it a 50 dollar card, it’s still a 5 dollar card in reality just in a plastic graded case) Anyway with that aside, since it’s Italian (are you sure it’s not french btw?, similar languages etc), it’s probably a 100 dollar card if you are drawn to foreign languages(I am personally). I don’t think a PSA grade does much for value in this situation. Just my opinion, hope this helps.

Great help . I just say psa grade to let you guys know the condition of the card.

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Bought mine mint condition for 12€ :blush: