Is this normal?

I was viewing my Volkner fUll Art and saw edge wear on the FRONT like in the pic above. But after I was browsing eBay, I saw nearly all cards (with non-stock photos) were like that. Is that damage or part of the card?

Just search for volkner 156/156 on eBay and nearly all the non-stock photos (IRL photos, aka) are like that. Would that hurt a PSA grade?:thinking:?

Don’t think so as long as the back doesn’t have whitening

At this point I’m willing to just cover the grading fee myself for you. That way I can free myself from your incessant fixation on what this card would grade at.


And yet another chapter in his “howwillmyVolknerGradeee?” story. Stop trolling please, you are talking about a card that’s worth about 10bucks.

Everyone here gave you good solide advice but you choose to keep on going with this- whats the point here?

You shouldn’t have to bear the full brunt of this burden. I’ll happily go halvies with you :wink:

Oh and a book is actually being written on this saga. The next few chapters are ready to go!

~The Volcanion Chronicles-

Chapter 2: What do you mean 3 forms?

Chapter 3: Is this enough tape to secure inside package? (foreword by @garyis2000)

Chapter 4: PSA hasn’t confirmed card has arrived…

Chapter 5: The Grading Process- Estimated Turnaround=Expected: Why a refund is deserved

Chapter 6: The Review Process: Does a dint really deserve a 6?

Chapter 7: Crack and resend: Will anyone see this?

Chapter 8: EBay>PSA: Seller won’t accept my best offer wtf?

What chapters am I missing??


Wait didn’t you post about this card before :joy::joy: just send it in ffs or rip it up

You silly people. This is not a trolling effort, I was asking what that whitening is about (since its on other specimens too) – I just asked ‘would it affect the grade’ as in ‘would PSA think its damage’?

I dont care about its grade anymore, i was just curious.

@pkmnflyingmaster you dont have to.

Im not sure if it would show on the back, if it was just localized to the front? But again I dont really understand how cards work lol

We should just create a pool to buy him a PSA 10 as long as he agrees to destroy and never mention the original Volkner again. Sending it to PSA for him is just going to result in threads about cracking the case and resubmitting. lol


Good idea maybe If he agrees to never post again :blush: haha