Is this a worth while trade?

Ive an offer to trade my DV Kyurem for 1st edition nidoqueen jungle non holo, 1st edition haunter fossil non holo, gambler 60/62 fossil non holo.

What you reccomend guys?

No. lol I value those cards at about $1-$2 each and Kyurem is worth $10-$12. :blush:

If i was to get a jungle holo mr mime misprint on top? with the missing logo

It’s valued at about $5. That would probably be a decent trade as long as the cards you’re getting are NM/M. It’ll still be slightly in their favor, but if you really need the cards and don’t need Kyurem, I’d go for it. :blush:

Trades are about getting good values, but you also have to be happy with the trade. :blush:

The trade ended up as:

My DV kyurem + Latias + rev holo trainer and rev holo feebas from dragons exalted.


nidoqueen jungle 1st
gambler 60/62 1st fossil
haunter 1st fossil
mr mime holo misprint
jolteon holo misprint
black star promo’s 11 + 14.

Im happy ( aslong as my cards arrive safely if at all) :blush: