Is Pokemon cruel?

After watching Pokemon Origins (it was ok) which was the first Pokemon anime I’ve seen since I was a kid, I felt sad watching the Pokemon battling and hurting one another - it almost felt like cockfighting! Never thought about it when I was a kid - what do you all think?


Some people thought it was cruel when squirtle bit charmander. I dont think Pokémon is cruel because the Pokémon can refuse to fight. Plus a bond is formed, for example when Red takes on some damage with Lizardon against Mewtwo. And not all of the pokemon figbt some are just friends. The ones fighting are accepting a challenge to become great fighters with the help of their trainers. Whilst helping their trainers earn a Master trainer status. So no, fighting is not cruel at all unless being forced to do something the Pokémon does not want to do.


Revive is around, so…

But sometimes it does look a bit violent.

What is cruel? How do you define cruel?
Pokemon is natruely cruel when your humanity triggers are in the backround going off feelings… Hmmm something’s not right here… But in a capitalistic world killing all your fellow human beans with convenience with a handshake its very hard to feel some things not right right, just like that so called bond the pokemon trainer shares with the pokemon master. Its just another form of control, and the whole thing is kind of just plain wrong. We really do live in a pokemon world.

Are you sure your on the right onixspected? Seems not.

Origins did feel a bit different to the regular anime, bit more brutal maybe, i definitely know what you mean. Im gunna go with no overall though

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