Is Play! the greatest promo set of all time?

The craziest thing about 2010 era in this hobby is that everything and all things outside of trophies were $5-50. But some of those $5 things went to $1000 today, while some other of those $5 things went to $50. There was no truer time to buy the most expensive cards first.

Meanwhile I was buying only wotc and was closed-minded to all the possibilities I could have reaped. :clown_face:

@needszeebs, mine is in a binder :shushing_face:


yeah after corocoro shining mew, the _'s ray was the first jp promo i knew i needed when i got back into the hobby


This is the set that introduced me to niche japanese promos. Such a fun and beautiful set.

Ill get one for the binder after i try to get one in psa 10 :innocent:

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