Is it safe to ship a unconfirmed address?

What’s your guys opinion?

I have never not shipped to an unconfirmed address and it’s never been an issue:)

@haze, is it showing unconfirmed address on Paypal?

Can anyone confirm that any overseas address will show as unconfirmed on Paypal? I thought this was the case.

I’ve shipped cards abroad many times in the past and the Paypal address has usually been confirmed. For small purchases I may risk an unconfirmed address but if serious money is involved then no way.

I do all the time?
a few hundred transactions and you don’t sweat it for small stuff.

Most countries except ones in Europe or the USA will come up as unconfirmed but if you have full tracking etc you should be fine.

Thanks guys are of great help!!

I wouldn’t consider it a major risk.

Whether the address is confirmed or not, the risk is shipping without tracking.

personally, if you got paid, then i’d send it to whatever address they give u. as long as ur paid, if the card goes to the wrong place thats their own fault for giving u the incorrect address. but yea i wouldnt do it with a pricy card