Is 5 Full Arts normal from 36 Evolution blister packs?

I opened 36 Evolution Booster packs which I bought from alpha investments (Rudy) and pulled 5 full art holos and 2 regular exs? Is that normal for Evolutions? Usually in booster boxes I pull about 1 to 2 full arts max! Pretty happy nonetheless!

Full arts pulled:
2x Misty’s Determination 108/108
1x Mewtwo EX 103/108
1x M Charizard EX 101/108
1x Dragonite Ex 106/108

Other Exs:
1x M Blastoise EX 22/108
1x M Pidgeot Ex 65/108

Once I figure out how to add a picture, I will add one!

I figured it out!

With single blister packs i believe its random, booster boxes are usually 2 FA’s

Rudy weighs packs and keeps the light ones confirmed…

Looks like you lucked out! Congrats!


:grin: haha thanks!

@gottaketchumall was joking

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Awesome pulls!

Just remember this is a nostalgia set, and like almost all other sets, these pull rates still won’t make this 36 pack lot remotely profitable

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Agreed! I just got these to open up for fun! Its almost like opening up those base set packs when I was younger!

Lol I get nostalgia from opening these, and I probably opened less than 10 wotc packs ever …

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It’s normal, Evo had very good pulls, which is why the prices were stupid low when it was being printed like crazy. My local card store was selling the Full arts for $2 each(except for the zard which even briefly dropped to $8). Thankfully they’re going back up.

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