International Sales: Protecting Yourself

I’ve listed a handful of items on eBay and some have been purchased by international buyers. I’ve read the horror stories time and time again about forum goers here being ripped off in international deals. So here is my question: What can I do prior to mailing to protect myself?

The three countries being mailed to are: Italy, Germany and Australia.

Are their certain mailing services I should use? Does videotaping myself as I package and mail them help in the claims process?

Please, list for me everything that I can do to protect myself as the seller in this situation. I just want to be as safe as possible. And, if possible, not pay an obnoxious amount in fees. Haha.

Send it out registered mail and you should be fine. Make sure to charge them the amount it costs, typically $16-22.

The proof eBay needs is tracking.