Interesting Sad Situation

I’m trying to give my friend advice, I want to hear all anyone has to say.
So I mentioned before my friend owned 3 base first edition sets. Well, he’s always left them at his parents house. After high school, he went away for 2 years. When he got back in town he found out his mom helped herself to Pokemon and toys, for eBay. He found out one of his sets was sold. This was years ago, kind of kick the trash under the rug.
Here he is years later. His parents are moving. So, the logical thing to say, “hey before you go can I get my stuff back”? His dad is now CLAIMING, “I bought the packs when you were a kid, so they are mine”!!! Like I said, toys too. What the bleep (“for the sake of the kids”). He claims he thinks his son is not mature enough to get them back. I would like to add a married man with a job and car, is not mature. Also, the old, “I don’t want you to sell it so, I’ll hold it for you”. Sounds like complete bs.
Ok, so his dad bought them as a gift. I don’t know what to say other than, buy a tape recorder and catch them in the lie.

Well that is super frustrating. I’m not sure there’s much he can do though if his parents are going to be like that. While there might be some legal claim he could make if he were old enough, in the end his relationship with his folks is far more important than the cards. Even though gut reaction is anger as a collector. But ya never know if he’s cordial and mature about it they may just let him have them.

It’s not just like cards. He never received any money from what he knows they sold. His dad got 2 sets graded, he saw the grade photos. He also showed me the pictures from his dad. He hasn’t seen them since they were graded and that was just emailed pictures. He told me that same guy, made an offer on the cards. So, the thinking is why they won’t even show him any of the cards and excetera is, they already sold it.
Like I said this is a very tough one.

Wow ya that’s sad. Sounds like his folks are being greedy.

Eh, on the one hand you have a damaged relationship and no cards; on the other hand, you have a severely damaged relationship and a possibility of rightfully owning the cards. It is a bad situation to be in. Personally, I do not think there is legal action that can be taken and I don’t know enough about the situation to recommend any specific actions. I would try to talk it out calmly, but I know all too well that some people do not respond well to reason. Best of luck to him.

This. Really “nice” way to burn bridges.

Let’s just hope your friend is a great negotiator. :blush:

wow this sucks

This seems like something that would be on Judge Judy…

Technically speaking when they handed over the packs, they were transferring ownership to the son. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t bring them with him?

Actually, that is disputable. We can say that the parents are letting their son “borrow” the packs. Depending on what state he lives in and how old he was, minors cannot legally own property until they are legally of age.


He probably didn’t think that would happen so he trusted his parents.
Not sure if its actionable though. I had a customer I sold a large rare lot to in 2000 who told me his folks donated them to a church rummage sale and all were gone. Today’s value would be about 20k.

That is really sad…