Instagram Trash

Facebook Trash? Ebay Garbage?
How about an Instagram Trash thread?
I use Instagram a lot to make small scale trades with those who have smaller cards that I’m looking for.
i.e.: Im looking for reverse holo commons/ uncommon from Steam Siege, then somebody would message me because they have the cards.’
Stuff like that.
Made some nice trades here and there and I still plan to continue to use it.
The general community is nice but there are ‘flaws’ which can probably never be fixed.
And thats: A-holes and scammers. and maybe more

So I am dedicating this thread to cancer( A-Holes, scammers, etc) stuff that happens on IG.

Here’s my rant.

#1: People who post their goddamn depression/ sad stories. I don’t care if you’re depressed or not. I went through that same phase as well (like 3 times). Get over it. I want to know if you want to make deals with me or not.

#2: People who say: YOU SEND FIRST. You talk about trust in the Pokemon community and you say ‘send first’ so you can make sure that I’m not a scammer?! I do not trade with these people.

#3: IDIOT SCAMMERS. Okay this is a special breed of stupidity. Here’s a personal experience:

  • The other day, I posted I’m looking for some Gardevoir cards and if anybody has any I would be willing to trade and or buy.
  • So then a message comes in saying they have what I might be looking for.
  • I look at his account, and I KID YOU NOT IT SAID 25+ SUCESSFUL TRANSACTIONS with ONLY 19 followers
  • Howdoesthathappen.jpeg oh wait probs scammer
  • Fins some of his pics fishy so I reverse search the images and what do I find?
  • Ebay listings from other people with the images he took them from
  • Are you that stupid? Really? at least put some effort into it.
  • Told him off and exposed his ass (check my ig post for more details)

So whats your IG trash?

90% of Instagram is trash, but you control who you follow unlike set marketplaces like eBay and even Virbank to an extent.

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I know that. So eventually I unfollow these kinds of folks.
There are exceptions, that some get better once you get to know them.