In Need of Recommendations of Websites/Reddit Subreddits, etc. to Promote eBay Sales

Hi! What websites, platforms, and or Reddit subreddits do you use usually to promote your eBay sales? I am finding it a little difficult to bring visibility to my eBay sales as a new seller. Any input regarding this would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!

The appeal of ebay is that you are connected to the most buyers of any platform. The key is to have your card listed as the lowest buy it now, with tons of good quality photos.

No need to post your ebay links in other places. If someone wants that card, they will search for it.


Agreed with above… just focus on your listing quality and price competitively until you have some feedback established. Unless you’re looking for consignments or something of that nature, you don’t need to “promote” your store - people looking for something you’re selling are already going to see it on the platform.


Thanks so much @eeveeteam! I guess I’ve noticed that some sellers will get higher winning bids on eBay auctions on more or less the same PSA 10 card, and I’ve wondered how they were able to go about achieving that (i.e., if it’s more visibility getting them the higher bids, how are they going about with achieving higher visibility).

Gotta add more - popular items will get more attention. I listed these 4 cards at the same time, all same photo style, priced lowest on ebay. See how some get views and others dont?

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Gotcha, thanks so much @eeveeteam!

Ah, my reply was more geared toward BIN listings. I generally wouldn’t recommend auctioning stuff as a newer seller unless it’s a really popular card. Sharing on other platforms certainly doesn’t hurt, but if you’re not already established on those other platforms it comes down to the same grind to build visibility. The top consigners on ebay built their platform over many years and thousands upon thousands of sales and there’s no way around that.

In the meantime just gotta focus on the things you have control over - high quality photos, good listing descriptions with as many search fields entered as you can, competitive pricing, and delivering good service when you do make a sale (good packaging, fast shipping, fast message replies, etc). Good luck!


Gotcha, thanks so much @kevinertia!

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Just adding that if you do decide to auction a card, make sure the auction ends between the hours of 8 - 11 pm (eastern), ideally on a Saturday or Sunday as that’s when most American buyers are active and at home. You’d be surprised how much lower items outside of this sweet spot go for on average.


Thanks so much @ddk!

for starters, your e4 ebay link doesn’t work


Fixed! @JaysPokeCards Your Ebay tag works now! :smiling_face:


I actually never noticed that! Thanks so much @smpratte, and thanks so much @mossdeep for pointing it out!

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