In Need of Advice Regarding Where to Preorder Paradigm Trigger; Question about Paradigm Trigger Promos

Hi! Paradigm Trigger looks like a really cool set, especially with all of those Lugia arts, and I’d love to get some preorders in. I also heard that people can get a single card promo pack with the purchase of each booster box. Does anyone know more about the promo promotion? If one were to buy a case of Paradigm Trigger, would they get 12 promo packs (1 for each of the 12 booster packs)?

Second, do you know when preorders for Paradigm Trigger would go up? I was looking at the Pokemon Center Japan website, and it seems like Paradigm Trigger isn’t listed yet, unless I missed it.

Third, do you think we will get a full art alt art for Lugia in the English version of Silver Tempest, or would the arts just mimic that of the Japanese set? I know that the Japanese version has alt art versions for the VSTAR cards, but it would be nice to get an alt art version of Lugia V (that Arita artwork looks freaking amazing, so it would be nice to see an textured alt art of that)!

Lastly, are there reputable sellers you would recommend buying from to ensure that one would get those promo packs with their purchase?

Any input regarding any of this would be much appreciated! Thanks so much for reading!

Preorders aren’t that plentiful or guaranteed. You can just buy directly when the set releases via the Pokemon center Japan, or any large eBay seller. The latter will allow for more volume.

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yeah the issue is there are only so many sold through official online sellers like pokemoncenter jp. think of it like when something exciting comes out on the NA pokemoncenter and how quick it gets gobbled up. over there, they often do a lottery system, but regardless, its not a guaranteed method to secure something from an official vendor who will honor the promo packs.

while i do not have experience ordering products specifically to guarantee the addon bonuses, i would recommend bigger stores. they’re less likely to search through the promo packs for the big hits, while random ebay sellers might.


Gotcha, thanks so much @smpratte!

Thanks so much @inertgeometry!