If you can tell psa anything? What would it be?

Hey guys,

Just a super quick question.

I’m extremely lucky to be meeting with some members of psa directly tonight, if you had the chance to tell psa employees anything in the world! Directly, face to face!, what would you tell them!!!?

Can be good or bad. Just keep it short.

I think it would be an awesome idea to voice your opinions directly, as this is the best community for pokemon collectors in the world.
And I will tell them the good and the bad that they are doing within the industry, so don’t be afraid.

Japan international trade


Probably to listen to some more experienced members (such as people that have largely complete collections on their site) for labelling things. 4th Base, No Damage Ninetales, Cigar Hitmonlee, Stain Haunter, 1997/1998 Pikas (those are technically correct but kind of misleading) and more just don’t have the proper labelling even though they are clearly discernable and widespread phenomena.


they should hire smpratte

  1. USE FIFO! - Bulk orders should not be going late while others at the same bulk service level are getting done in under 10 days.

  2. Recognize the 1999-2000 base set card variant! - It is clear as day to tell the difference, and they already recognize the packs! It is an easier to recognize variant than no rarity. The fact that they fairly recently recognized no rarity shows that the “too many are already encased” argument is bunk.


If it’s printed differently in some way it deserves a different label.


4th Print on the label!

Also, why not to open a small operation in Europe, maybe the Netherlands, market for cards in here is huge for football (soccer) and there is also our little hobby and similares.


P.S (EDIT): Also Fossil 1999-2000 Print would be cool!


Get good


Great opportunity. I’ll keep it general.

  1. In short, how is the transition to the new building going? Is there a quicker projected turnaround speed once the transition is completed? And when is the estimated completion date?

  2. How do they plan to reform the receiving process? I.e., turnaround by service level and FIFO for equal service levels. I suppose the same question as @gottakatchumall

And thanks for their time.


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employ more graders, maybe 3 graders per card instead of just 2. Better consistency is always good.

could they tell us what the biggest flaw on a card is? I think its factory lines myself but would like to know what they are looking for first.

Start grading foreign cards.
I am sitting on PILES of cards I would love to grade, that are French, Spanish, Chinese etc.
We have documentation, just that PSA won’t recognize them post-Base set because :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:??


Train their graders to be able to identify a fake 1st edition stamp, also take note that trimming of Pokemon cards is becoming more prevalent and to be more vigilant towards that issue

  1. Why is sweaty fingerprints guy allowed to handle the cards w/o gloves?

  2. Is there an active investigation into the shadowless collector on staff that’s limiting the 10s?!


I know its unlikely but are they going to expand to other countries in the future?

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‘‘Will you hire and feed a lonely pokemon enthusiast? I make decent coffee and can sleep by the grading table if you spare me a freshly graded PSA 4 (POP 1!!!??) reverse rare Wurmple from EX Ruby and Sapphire as a pillow’’

In other Words: How does the recruitment process go down?? :wink:

Stop fingerprinting my cards.


Europe, Europe, Europe :grin:

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That all of my 9s are actually 10s

Scrunch or fold?

Assume you get hired, you probably go into a 3 to 6 months training before actually doing anything with cards. Start off a the order check-in desk and after another 3-6 months you will touch your first card with a super visor. Besides that, going in there thinking you can grade all these awesome Base Shadowless Zards is living on cloud 9, because most of what you’ll be doing is grading cards of that unknown left fielder of a team you never heard off in a state you don’t even wanna be found dead. @garyis2000 Is my guess about right? =P

My question for PSA already been posted here a view times, even Scott gave a very clear answer to it when I dropped it in his QnA.
START GRADING MORE EUROPEAN SPORT CARDS! This making Panini finally doing a proper job other than just buying licenses they never gonna use and maybe due to this finally opening an office in the European Union. Because let’s make that clear, a PSA office in the UK, Switserland, Denmark/Norway/Sweden is gonna suck donkey balls. Sorry Brits, but you leaving the EU is a reason for me not wanting PSA to have an office there, Switserland and Norway not being EU also bad for everybody, Sweden and Denmark not having Euro’s also sucks (exchange rates etc.) and Denmark having an idiot import system that isn’t in line with majority of EU.

When are you coming to Europe?
When are you going to sort out the pack grading for pokemon…it looks poor so deters people doing it
More specials for bulk grading :wink:
Biggest flaws, and watch out for trimming, colouring and fakes?(already siggested but its a good one)
Do they grade rarer and expensive cards harsher/such as Charizard base etc to manage pop and so there arent loads of higher soft grades?

Most have been mentioned but these would be my main questions :grin: the first one is very important…;D
If I think of anymore ill edit my post ha…though im probably too late!