idiots on ebay - help me get this down

Hey ebay seller selling for his son. The card has no texture and look at the words (font). fake I messaged seller and he just said you are wrong. He even said the cards were bought at toysrus and that big box stores never sell fake cards. I explanied about secondary market items but he is too **** to listen. Please help me by reporting item or message him, if enough of us do or maybe he will then believe its fake. Oh and if that 1 in 4 million chance im wrong tell me.

Sometimes it’s not worth arguing with someone as he may think you’re saying he buys his kid fake products. In cases like this I usually report the item and move on.

I have done so. I just wish he would realize it is fake.

He might know it’s fake, doesn’t care and isn’t admitting it so there’s no evidence for eBay. I’d just report it and move on, don’t waste your time arguing.

Thanks to anyone who may helped. He believes me now, thanks to others saying the same thing and the listing says its fake.

lmao the listing is still up but the title has “fak” in it now


Speaking of idiots on ebay, it just kills me. The greed of people on ebay. It gets hard for anybody to have a nice card these days due to peoples greed. Its sad that a poor kid who lives in poverty, will never be able to own a tom brady rookie card. A lot of poor kids would love to own a genuine 2000 bowman chrome refractor tom brady, but due to peoples greed that will never happen, because the asking prices are through the roof. Somebody just has to have $65,000 for one. Poor people collect too. It just kills me. It is sad. And most of these people dont need the money.

Everybody collects at their own pace/budget. Nobody is entitled to high end cards. Nobody.


But it is sad that rich people are the only ones who own these cards. Poor people love rookie cards also.

I love a lot of things. But as far as non-essential goods; I’m okay not owning everything I love.

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Okay? And? That’s the way the world works. Rich people are also the ones who can afford mansions and fancy cars and glamorous vacations. The fact that you are lamenting the fact that poor people can’t afford expensive trading cards (which you absolutely don’t need to survive) says a lot more about you than the world itself.

Seriously. There are a HECK of a lot of things I can’t afford. I’m just grateful for the stuff that I CAN afford. As for the rich people who are buying expensive things? I say more power to them. Why shouldn’t they buy expensive things they like if they can afford them?

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And lmao at saying “it’s sad that a kid who lives in poverty will never be able to afford a Tom Brady rookie card,” as if not affording expensive trading cards is the main concern for people who unfortunately live in poverty.

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The world works that way because people like you dont care that it works that way. How the hell would you know what a poor person wants. I know a lot of poor people who wish like hell they could afford cards like that. I know a kid who worships michael jordan, and she mentions his rookie card to me all the time. She cant afford it. According to you, I guess she should just stick to worrying about food and clothing and poor issues.

And you’re damn right its sad she cant afford it.

@huckleberry this is a Pokémon forum, not your personal diary.

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