I want some POP packs

Anyone have POP packs for sale? Would love some POP series 5 but looking for any others too (as long as the price is fair) 8D

PM me if selling!

Ludkins collectible has pop 5 packs. He just bought 1000 so he should still be restocked.

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Where does he buy 1k pop 5 packs from?!? Might treat myself to 3 in the new year and try my luck.

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It might be one of two sources. There were previously 3 but I bought the last of his 500 pop 5 packs years ago.
The other one is some guy in mexico with around 2000 plus around 10 of each gold stars. I’m not if that’s ludkins source.
I was only able to buy a few hundred then didnt buy anymore. There is a guy in canada with 1500 ish.

That was lucky.

Man thats insane. Weren’t these only distributed at events? How could an individual get his hands on 1K of them…

I think one of the members here pulled both from 3 or 5 packs.

the one way one guy got it was a store owner had 3-4000 of them in his store and he offered them to this person as 1000 for $1/per pack. Back then they weren’t as valuable. Some places may have gotten a ton of the promo packs for their league with their order but the leagues weren’t that popular back then so not all were distributed

Thats remarkable honestly. Can just imagine all those umbreon’s still sitting to be opened haha. Prices for them must be crazy expensive tho

woooh could someone put me in touch with the canada person will be waiting to buy a umbearon off of him

I dont know the Canada guy and the person from mexico who has all the gold stars and 2000 pop 5 packs isn’t selling the single gold stars. I had to buy all the pop 5 packs off them first. Sadly with ludkins selling all those pop 5 packs so quickly it’s dropped the value of the actual gold stars and the graded ones but the packs are still just as expensive.

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