I think I have a Venusaur Error Card...

Okay, so, I’ve just been sorting through all my Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards ready for selling when I came across a Venusaur which my sister gave me in a booster back years ago! - This is how I know the card is genuine.

The card is pretty much normal except for a strip of masking tape or something on the top-left corner which runs for 3/4 in width, and 1/4 in length across the card.

Please see these links for pictures:

Closer shots:

I would really like to sell this card, and hopefully make some money!

Please advise on what you think its worth or whatever.

I’ve posted this on another forum, and have been advised to come here to ask it…

A guy on another forum said the following:

"Look at this then read my annotations:

  1. For both of these examples, notice that the tape in the larger box doesn’t interupt the picture, even though it is creased. If this was clear, matte tape placed afterwards, the crease would interupt our view of the print lines, disjointing smooth lines. This shows that creased tape was already placed onto the cardstock BEFORE printing. In the smaller box, the second example, notice that the gradient on venasaur’s skin is smooth and uninterrupeted, so the tape was already there before printing.

  2. The wear on the edge of the tape shows white underneath the print layer. Clear tape wouldn’t wear like this, only paper based tape, and since there is no transparent paper tape, it is certainly not clear tape placed afterwards.

  3. The edge of the tape is perfectly sut to the edge of the card. This would be hard to achieve even with scissors to get such a flush edge, so the tape was already there when the card was cut, which is after printing, so the tape MUST have been through printing.

  4. This is more recent wear. See how the crinkles in the tape where someone has pulled at it/rubbed at it has interrupted the print lines of the numbers? That’s because this print is on the tape and is being moved around, distorting the image.

Well thanks for looking, hope that clears it up."