I spent way too much on English B/W Boxes, kinda disgusted.

I started collecting around the end of 2011, and since then whenever I have opened a new B/W (and X/Y) era booster box, I have just placed the common/uncommon/rares back into the box itself and placed it at the top of my cupboard.

Tonight I decided to consolidate all those into one of those huge white storage boxes, so I can get a gauge on how many of the cards I have, but more importantly how much money I have spent on new Pokemon cards over the last 2 and a half years.

This is what it looks like:

I ran out of space in the white box, and those other booster boxes still have the cards in them. (Not features are 3 XY and 3 Flashfire Boxes that I have opened this year)

I weighed the stacks of cards, because no way I am counting each card individually. Average weight for a c/uc/r card in English is 1.8 grams, and I have 17.98kg of B/W Era cards. Do the math and since my collecting I have opened approximately 27 booster boxes during the B/W Era cycle(and I wasn’t even around for the first 3 sets)

I spent about 3780 AUD on these cards (boxes cost me 140 dollars each here)

I have been thinking about how I collect a lot recently and I have decided to start spending A LOT less on new English cards, because almost 4000 dollars(probably that much if you take into account random blister packs etc) is way too much and I have only just realised how much I have spent, and realised I could have saved that money to put toward more unique cards that I actually enjoy looking at.

I have no idea what to do with them. I suppose I would be content to just keep them in the storage box and leave them in my cupboard but at the same time I am kind of disgusted at how much I spent on cards I will never enjoy having.

For another giggle here are the Holos/Reverse Holos from all these boxes:

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Do people there purchase bulk?

lots of cards, haha this is why the new ones don’t interest that much

Sorry to hear that you spent so much on it! But now you have a collection to either sell/giveaway/ or actually, if you want, maybe you can hold a contest of some sort here on the forums and the different level winners get the different level cards from that lot as long as they agree to help with shipping!

You should keep them. If any of us have trouble finding BW cards in 10 years you have us covered. :rofl:

But, in all seriousness, they will serve as a reminder why you don’t want to buy boxes.

I pay almost half that for boxes, so this is a largely regional issue.

In all honesty I probably am just going to keep them. But yeah @soulwind they will be a good reminder whenever a new English set comes out to just stop and think about how much money I have to fork out for the boxes. I will probably continue to buy 1-2 boxes for each set, but buying anywhere from 3-7 is totally unnecessary and wastes so much money.

@funmonkey54 - This is why I will continue to buy new Japanese releases. I can get 8 Japanese Boxes for more or less the same price that 2 English Booster boxes cost me here.


This is why I stopped opening so many packs, and english packs completely.

It was great fun but cost stupid amounts of money especially as most of the boxes were WOTC…

I only open a couple boxes for each set and then just slowly buy what I need. Less fun in a way but my wallet prefers it xD

I’m now almost finished collecting Japanese gym sets including coro coro additions. Only by buying singles and lots, I love collecting like that. Even though you need a booster every now and then for the thrill :wink:

I only need a couple not really rare ones, but buying them as singles is costly.

So, the deck cards don’t have rarity symbols. As a true collector of gym cards, should you also get them?
For some cards it is necessary because the art is only available in those decks. But the others only differ in having a symbol or not, so…