I made a forum.

Recently, I made a dbz card forum. I’m looking for ways to attract new members. I currently have 2, including me. Currently I’m using Imgur, YouTube, and proboards, to promote the forum.
The forum is listed on my name. I will still be an active member here. Any ideas on helping people find the site?Thanks for any advice!

  1. Add admin to that site. You’ll need them! :blush:
  2. Change around the layout… I don’t like how it goes Kai, GT, Z, Ball
    It should go in chronological order (Ball, Z, GT, Kai) That’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe add it to your signature, and promote on facebook, twitter, on other youtube links?

Get rid of GT. Everyone hated it. It killed the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all seriousness, your best bet is to establish a small group of people with whom you establish the community. It’s hard to make a forum and build a community without a base community to work with.

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link to the site I’m a big dbx card collector!!!

I loved GT. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the site linked here, listed as my website. It may take some time finding a base community. I feel for now my sections and threads are adequate. Thanks for the advice!

Great idea! I don’t collect or know much about DBZ, but I hear there is a strong fan base.

Best of luck. I really want to see your site do well. :blush:

I was kidding about getting rid of GT, in case that didn’t come across. Haha.

I have a friend who is into this stuff. When. You’ve got some solid articles up and such, I’ll send him your way. He’s the kind of guy that won’t stay unless there’s stuff and won’t come back if he leaves. Just how he is. Haha

I guess my friend and I will make some articles. Yes, DBZ has a huge fan base. I came up with this idea after seeing the dbzfigure forum. People are nuts with the figures! A average collection on that forum is 3 display shelfs, full (holy crap). Probably the same with pokemon figure collectors. I’m going to add the complete sets and the SZ9. I believe I have the sections correct for now. Similar to this forum but, dbz. Currently,I am trying to get my link on the multiverse. Aka: New DBZ.
I think all I am missing now is post for people to Google.
Thanks for the advice! If you know someone starting a forum, link them here.