I have to ask...

What’s the point in these PSA graded cards?


Seriously, they are COMMONS! Why would you waste your money getting commons of all things graded?

Maybe someone just really likes the card. The only other reason I can think of is that maybe someone wanted to get the whole set graded.
It does seem like a waste of money though doesn’t it?

You can make a lot of money off the 1st edition base set commons…but yes that seems like overkill.

Yeah I grade my entire 1st base set when they’re mint just to keep them in perfect condition for long term reasons. I only sell the duplicates when I send a few in to get a guaranteed 10. Maybe this person did the same. Good observations Reina :blush:

If the card’s value is less than the grading fee, I would not really bother getting it graded. If I love the artwork, I’d rather keep it in a top loader. Agree it seems a bit overkill.

When I bulk grade, the cost per card is only a mere $7.25 each including shipping both ways. Therefore it’s very easy to grade cheaper cards with a service like that!

I don’t have enough cards to bulk grade and the cost of shipping from overseas adds a significant amount so I tend to submit for grading only the cards that are more valuable. But that’s only me. Cheers!

I would say those cards came from someone’s complete graded set. Then they sold off the holos individually, then the c/unc in a bulk lot all together. Then a dealer purchased them and is now selling the c/unc individually.

Just a guess though…

The only reason I would grade those cards is for a complete graded set, or just because I really like the artwork.