I have an opportunity to pick up some cards

Hello Hello,
I just wanted to ask if these cards have any value because I have an opportunity to buy them :blush: (friend of a friend selling)
I might trade (1)Champion’s Path ETB for it.
Thank you so much in advance for any one and their input :blush: I really appreciate it!

The answer you are looking for is if those cards are worth around $100 (the price of a champion’s path ETB). Personally it looks like a bunch of bulk to me but I do not know value of topps cards. My intuition is that if you have to ask, you are not in the green on this trade so unless you desperately want those cards to not do it.

I’d say it’s about even finance-wise. Personally I’d prefer to be on the vintage cards end of the deal, but I’m also really not one to care for modern product. The most valuable cards in there are the Legendary Collection Reverse Holo Squirtle and the Ancient Mew.

I would not take this trade, although I like the non tcg and non topps cards. there are a few starters but I dont think they add up to the value of the champions path etb price

@mtajaj32,Really? even if psa graded? I imagine they’re 9 or 8, wouldn’t that be over cp tb right now of $80?

Is there anything else you think that stands out?
It kind of just looks like vintage bulk to me…

My original estimate was that the Ancient Mew was about $10 and Squirtle about $30, just in average condition. But upon looking up eBay prices the lowest Mew is like $15 and Squirtle seems to be going for at least $50+. I’d definitely go with the vintage stuff.

Depends on your long term/short goal is…

If you’re gonna grade them then remember to account for grading costs.

I’d wait it out. I’d keep the ETB. Easier and faster to resell . Nothing in the lot worth express grading so with PSA you’ll be waiting months.

@crushingame,Well I have a good amount of ETB’s so I don’t mind trading 1 of them away.
Plus I’m in it for long term, I have other cards I want to grade as well, but need to get to 100+ cards.

But I get your point on easier and faster to sell etb.

If the card condition of the Topps is immaculate then it’s a fair trade and an opportunity for you to get your hands on some well preserved Topps cards.

But the value cards are what was mentioned above so usually when buying a binder, you look at the value cards and their condition and if you’re someone who is honest and makes reasonable offers (I say this because I am amazed at how people gloat in today’s day over the fact they just picked up a base shadowless trio in decent condition for 100$… but this moral issue is highly subjective) then you offer/pay the price you almost certainly know that you could recover selling those cards as singles, raw and ungraded, with better pictures and accurate quality descriptions. If the math works out, then it’s a buy.

The second you start basing your purchasing actions on what you’re inexperienced (I only say this since you’re here asking so I assume it’s the case) personal pre grading review is and speculating that way, then you are in more of a “gambling” territory.

The costs associated to grading that whole binder for instance, with today’s current delays and such are much higher than usual. You will be forced (if you’re thinking PSA) in the 50-75$/card tiers and at a loss if those more common / bulk cards get hit with anything less than an 8. At that point, you’re 100% better off (if you’re looking to throw some money at some flipping) into identifying/niching into some other cards to grade and flip, especially on the modern side.

Your gradeable cards dependant on condition (hoping for 8s and higher):

—> Topps Mewtwo
—> Squirtle Reverse Holo - Legendary Collection
—> Base set Charmanders / Charmeleons (highly careful here as many will be hitting the market and not sure if anything less than a 9 will be worth the higher grading fees even at least for a while)
—> Ancient Mew
—> Possibly some of the Japanese rares + they are much easier to grade, superior condition on quality.

But definitely the first 2, actually, the condition of reverse holo Squirtle can entirely help you make a decision as that card alone can put you in the green. But be very careful with those reverses as there are TONS of damaged ones out there I’ve seen with time because of how easy they were/are to damage. So inspect is thoroughly for any indents or scratches.

Good luck!

Even if we put the actual market value of these as equal, the only way you’re breaking even is if you consider your time to be worthless

do you want the cards, or to make money?

if you want the cards then yes you should trade

if you want to make money, you are gonna be better doing thousands of other things

Time. Yes.

the Topps like others said, in my experience have very sharp corners and get defects quick so I’d estimate low grades if you’re running numbers

the card, as others said, that really sticks out is the legendary collection squirtle.

run numbers on TCGplayer and look at the sold listings for the cards on eBay.

It may just be better to get a few solid cards somewhere else or just make an offer on the squirtle and Mew plus cash (my pick :wink:


@pokebowl , I’m not super familiar with Topps Pokemon Cards as they’re not in pokemonprice.
I agree on the gambling portion, I feel confident and informed enough on the ancient mew and legendary collection squirtle.

I would definitely be concerned sending in baset set charmander and charmeleon because of that exact reason lol. I hope it doesn’t get to that but it probably will.

Thank you so much for your input! It really helps

@pkmnflyingmaster , hahah well that’s one way to look at it, I’m just enjoying pokemon cards so the time isn’t worthless. Or else I wouldn’t be here at all.

@fazool , I’m trying to build up a vintage collection, but not break the bank doing it.
Not doing this for money, I have my own job to do that.

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