I had all my cards valued. Help? Suggest?

I had my cards valued this morning and the man said I have about $350-$410 worth of cards in my collection including figurines. You cant see this poc probly I know but id like youre opinions on this matter cos I think alot of you will have different opinions on worth.

No im in australia, I had a card collector at a store look at them. Lol yeah well I dont have a camera anymore I habe to do it with my phone. Look, ive sold alot of cards, most I know about and there worth and that theres near to no money in it anyway.

@frostyfluxy, mate dont call me cheeky, I wasnt being cheeky, I dont collect pokemon cards cos I like them, I just sell them and I wanted a few oppinions is that alright? I make a bit of cash off them cos they are so popular and I wanted to see if I was selling them at the prices they were worth.

if you want help then you need to show more photos or a list and condition of the cards.frosty was just telling you how to do so no need to get all cranky.

@frostyfluxy haha, yeah I have. An im sorry I am limited as I have to do all my work on a mobile phone at the present time, sorry if I offended anyone here but I am kind of new to the online selling/buying and trading.