I found a misprint no forum shows

I found an eggsecute pyscic type HP 50 and a basic but in its name it is spelled eggsecut missing an E also on his attack description it say thimes instead of times if you have anything to share please comment on it

fake soz

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Sounds fake, but it still couldn’t hurt to see a photo.

XD is it bad I don’t know how to show a picture I just started

Googled Thimes exeggcute and found a picture. Fake cards tend to have mispellings, this is one of them.


Yes that is exactly the one thx


I don’t mean to sound like an idiot but is their a pokemonth card called kaduua because my jungle kakuna says search your deck for a card that evoles from kaduua


perhaps you could post a picture of your cards, lol.

Ya … how do I do that?

Again, mispellings on older WOTC cards means they are fake 99% of the time. Not to mention that Jungle didn’t have a kakuna soooo again, fake.

Well … I meant a grass type XD not a jungle sorry

You can upload your image(s) to an uploading website like imgur.com/ or postimage.io/
Then you can copy the direct link (ending with .jpg) and use it with the following icon in this forum’s rich-textfield:


PS: If you don’t know how to get back to this rich-textarea when you want to make a reply, look here.

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I think you bought fake cards from a fake person!

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XD they were from target

thank you for this advice it’s a huge help



at least they spell exeggcute correctly in the bottom.

I have this really crazy misprint.

I will never stop posting this when the opportunity arises.