I bought a huge sealed collection recently of english modern and have storage questions

I bought a huge sealed collection with lots of collector boxes and tins. The tins I’m fine just holding in a box but all the collection boxes are bulky and awkward af. Do you think its better to just crack the boxes and store them as loose packs. I’m officially a target shelf holder now


You can buy shelving like this pretty cheaply, just put it all in a closet or on display like you’re a wal-mart


Id say dont crack them for packs. Let the future buyers decide if they wanna do that. Ik it makes storage harder but selling loose packs is a nightmare imo. Even if they’re unweighed, you need to convince other people that


oo true i should get those

Yea, id say grab an industrial rack from like costco or smth and see if you can snag empty distribution boxes (“cases”) from a local LGS and fit everything into boxes as best u can! I wouldnt break them down


I wouldnt open any of the sealed stuff. buildable shelves/racks work well and the big BCW card storage boxes for bulk. You can fit a loooot of cards in a small amount of space

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I see thank you, I’ll def consider doing a rack

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