Humble Collectors vs Narcissist Collectors

Do you think there are more humble or narcissist high ends collectors?

When I see humble collector show some high end card I am really happy for him.
When I see narcissist collector that are showing his high end card " this is unique, pop 1, bla bla bla, I am feeling uncomfortable, maybe I am envious because I will never afford it or maybe there are collector that have collection worth 10 times your and so why are you praise your cards so much.

What is your thought when it happens to you? haha


How do you tell who’s humble and who’s not?

I think it’s wrong to ascribe narcissism to collectors speaking enthusiastically about their collections. Collectors are motivated by different things, but one of these things is often securing a rare or unique object. They aren’t telling you the card is unique with a low population to make you jealous or make them sound better than you, they are describing what is exciting about the card for them (and probably a lot of their viewers). This isn’t something that should make you uncomfortable, even if that’s not how you approach your collection or what you find appealing about Pokémon cards.

This is a heavily stratified hobby. There are always going to be things you cannot obtain. We have to make our peace with it because we can’t dictate what other people should collect or how they should talk about their collections. Be proud of your own cards. You don’t have to collect Pop 1 Grade 10 cards to have a unique collection. Find a niche you’re passionate about and explore it to its fullest. But we collect cards to take pleasure and satisfaction from doing so. People doing so with their cards is not narcissism and you shouldn’t take it personally.


Hey now us low end collectors can be narcissists too!


I’m not active on any other platform than e4 and can only speak for myself, but personally I highly prefer collection thread updates or recent purchase posts where the user writes some text to go along with the image of their cards. That may include their personal story of acquisition, some interesting facts about the card or also some market data or grading-related stuff.

In contrast to what I understand from your post, I get more of a feeling of passion for the hobby from those “vocal” users as opposed to those who just post flat-out pics of their 1st Ed Base slabs without any comment.

Obviously there are some outliers that, when they speak, only brag about monetary value. But I don’t think we have a whole lot of them here on e4 at the moment, luckily.


I can’t answer the first question or speak much about how you feel, but I do have some thoughts.

Every so often I will go through old E4 posts (I highly recommend this btw; it’s always a lot of fun). One observation from that is that the concentration of high-end cards in people’s collections then was so much greater. (This is not surprising, the site was still new and the hobby was much smaller).

I went through some collection threads a few days ago, and it struck me that I really didn’t feel that jealous at all. Maybe that’s partly because some of those collections (one in particular, cough cough) are just so unrealistic today that the awe buries every other emotion.
More than once I just started laughing.

However, it did make me think about my current absolute grail card, and how I should resolve to chase it more aggressively. In other words, it sparked a competitiveness that I think is necessary if you plan on pursuing cards that are not widely available.

I think the question is, how much of that competitiveness is rooted in jealousy on some level? If someone did post/flex the card I want, would I feel jealous? Is the feeling ‘well, virtually no one has it, so no one is ‘better’ than me’? Because I would say that is narcissism/immaturity.

*Now is a good time to remember not to tie your overall happiness/feeling of self-worth to Pokemon cards. The hobby should be a source of fun, not stress.


This is all a cope.


I couldn’t agree more.

I don’t believe it is a possibility to tell that someone is a narcissist by their posts, could one then assume because you post a high end card without comment you aren’t acting with humility? Where becomes the drawing point for the line of judgement?

Not to get too philosophical here, but I think those who attribute a trait to others should look within themselves to find if that is truly an attribution of sound belief or something of jealousy or inadequacy within themselves.

I have quite the collection, but I am not naïve enough to have the understanding there are members here and out in the world who have collections where a few cards are exceedingly rare and likely surpass the value of everything I own. I was humbled very quickly last week looking at a display of cards someone had assembled and also hearing the amount of money they had into those cards. They had a few hundred dollars into mint condition 1st Ed Charizards. That’s unfathomable today.

The best perception one can have is less about the judgement of someone else’s collection and more about being happy with what you own and being happy for others that they own what they own. This is a hobby that is meant to bring collectors and enthusiasts together and we shouldn’t work to create further divides in an already heavily divided human species.


I don’t really care how people choose to talk/display their collections. I just enjoy seeing everything that’s out there. People collect what they like, and some people really like high end stuff to brag about.

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Everyone who has a better collection than me is narcissistic and everyone who has a worse collection than me is humble


More or less. If you don’t believe people don’t feel better about themselves by how there collection is in accordance to their goals then above has to be repeated.

From feelings. I have seen many times the same card posted in the hand of the previous collector (the one I consider the humble) not receiving enough credit. As soon as the collector (the one I consider narcissistic) acquires it, immediately to point out how rare and unique and the other people who follow both, no congratulatory comments to the previous collector, 99999 congratulatory comments to the collector who acquired it.
Maybe he is just happy to have acquired it, but it gives me different feelings…

Congrats on your 2000th post, muk! I would be lying if I said I have not been eagerly waiting for a special collection update haha! Looking forward to the “vocalest” post whenever the time is right :blush: Withouht a doubt, your collection thread is one of the best ones here on the fourum.

And to the topic, I also find it much more sincere when a collector shares a presonal story about how they aquired the item or what obstacles they needed to overcome on their journey.


“It’s best to be humble and grateful for what you have. In the end, we are all just temporary stewards of what we own.”

My Godfather


Maybe that’s exactly because the new owner shows more enthusiasm and also elaborates WHY this card is such a big deal. I’m not ashamed to say that I don’t know all cards ever, so if I see some random PSA 10 reverse holo from 2008, it doesn’t do much to me on its own.
In contrast, when I get some context like, for example, that it is an extremely hard card to grade and it took 2 years and $3k to acquire it and it is the last card they needed for their set and they’re happy af, I can sympathize much easier and am more inclined to leave a like.


Oh dang, kinda missed that myself haha. Maybe should’ve saved that for a special occasion, but whatever :wink:
Thank you nevertheless :wink:


Labelling someone as either humble or narcissistic based only from a post on social media is ignorant.


Some people are definitely more annoying with how they talk about their stuff. It comes off as bragging, rather than excitement about their collection. I do enjoy reading about people’s journeys and like seeing them crediting others that helped them, but I definitely think that some people are in this hobby for attention and validation as well - sometimes I come across posts that read like cringey advertisements. When they start to go overboard in describing how expensive or exclusive their stuff is, it’s a complete turn off. Definitely not double tapping on IG.

Is Gary narcissistic for flashing all his PSA 10 Charizards? Or is he humble for showing us what years of experience can get you? Food for thought.

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This and being humble are probably mutually exclusive