How well are Darkness Ablaze holos grading?

Train posted the Aggron from Darkness Ablaze on the discord and I’m about to buy a handful to grade because they’re $1 each but I wanted to see if anyone who has opened the new set could weigh on print quality.
Is it as good as it was for Hidden Fates? Can I stick to buying 5-10?
Or is the quality crap and I should buy like 20+ to try and luck out on a Gem Mint quality copy?

Buy 10 await arrival and check them out. Buy more if necessary and repeat as necessary.

Personally most my cards looked really nice easy 9’s with many of them looking 10 quality as well.


Im not sure on the exact grades they are getting but ive opened around 15 booster boxes and ive noticed that most of them are fairly good. The backs are almost always flawless and the holos are tough to scratch and have a good quality about them, the only issue you might face is its more common for them to be 55/45 or worse on the borders than 50/50. I think if you were submitting ones you pulled yourself or knew were pack fresh youd be looking at a decent amount grading 10


Figure buying 10 from the mega sellers on ebay would mean buying directly from mass box openings so would be pack fresh.
Gonna pick 10 up and hope for the best. Really love this art.

So far, I think the print quality is pretty good. The holos are cheap enough to send a few copies.

just picked 26 copies for $7
ppl really don’t care about holos huh

Picked up a dozen of the Tyranitar from the set as well. Really impressed with the art direction in this set.


Of the 60+ holo rares i pulled, i only kept 1 reverse holo tyranitar and one holo tyranitar lol. Really sick card

The print quality on this set seems to be really good, I was positively surprised when I opened a few packs. So I would say there’s a high chance of getting a minty pack fresh copy.

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Not the holos exactly, but I think there’s some sort of common factory error on the VMAX cards – there’s whitening underneath both the “Nintendo” copyright text on both my Charizard VMAXs… but the back looks perfect.

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