How to Submit to PSA - Video

Hey Fellow Collectors!

I made a “How to submit your cards to PSA” video. This community has been transition to PSA cards for sometime and this video could be very helpful to those unsure about the grading process. I hope this makes PSA appear much easier to use and gives confidence to those who may be on the fence about grading.

Experienced Collectors & Frequent PSA Submitters:
I’d love to hear any constructive feedback or comments about the content of the video. I attempted to include many pieces that have helped me, however it is doubtful this video covers all the tips and tricks. Hopefully we can compile any suggestions or comments to make a comprehensive follow-up video.

I included quick links in the description of the video to jump to different parts of the process.

Thank you!


Awesome man!
Just wanted to let you know that the sound and video were off near the end of it. When you zoomed in on the ninetails, it cut back to the hitmonlee.

Everything else is great and I’m sure it will help a ton of people out!

I re-watched that part a few times and didn’t notice any sound errors. Can you please confirm it again from your side on the sound piece.

I do see where I didn’t zoom out all the way after the Ninetales. Fortunately it didn’t cut that much out. Too bad that’s something an edit won’t fix.

Thank you for the feedback.

Ah, my bad. I think my phone internet made it play weird so it seemed like the sound and video were off the first time I watched it! I re watched it, and everything looks great! Forget I said anything haha :blush:

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Good job brother (except for the tape;).

Your enthusiasm is contagious:)

You don’t like the taping skills? I go through rolls of that stuff. :wink:

Saying I don’t like tape is like saying cockroaches don’t like Raid lol.

Tape is for the outside of the box…not the inside, Tape is responsible for destroying more collectibles than the World War 2 paper drive. Use a little sheet of Saran Wrap. It’s safe, much easier to remove, and doesn’t harm to placers or card savers or bubble wrap.

My only other suggestion is use post it tabs on the card sleeve before you put it in the card saver. It’ll make it easier to pull out…and PSA won’t go squeezing and digging into the card saver.

Nice job though…


This was really enjoyable and factual step by step video, thanks for sharing.

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Nice video, Very informative, i like watching videos like this :blush:

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Ok I attempted to watch the video but my kids interrupted. Overall from the first 20 minutes I saw was very clear and good.

When I saw you put the Venusaur in the Card Saver I cringed a lot though. The way you did it has created a few nicks on my cards before I knew better and turned potential 10’s into 9’s.

The better way of doing it is as follows:

  • open the card saver with a thin ruler and put it all the way in to the bottom.
  • grasping the top of the sleeved card, slowly put it in using the ruler to help guide it in.
  • avoid trying to over open the card saver, as that makes it harder.
  • once the card is in enough, slowly remove the ruler.

I’ll take some pics in the morning so it’s clearer. But basically never use your finger to push the card down.

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This sounds pretty clever. I’d like to see it when you have time. Inserting a card into the Semi Rigid is one of the more difficult parts.

Alright so I took some pictures to hopefully illustrate my suggestion better. If they still aren’t clear enough, let me know and I’ll video it (slowly followed by the 3 day upload time thanks to my crumby internet)

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Zach I enjoyed this video/walkthrough, I hope we can see more collectors start using PSA, I love seeing this hobby grow.

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Makes perfect sense. Thank you for uploading pictures. I see you used the larger Card Saver 1s. That’s another piece that might be worth moving to.

I like the larger pull tabs as well. I’ve only thought of/seen the skinny post-it tabs. The bigger ones look great & will be something else to try.

I really appreciate the input. It will be put to good use.

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No worries mate. I actually only found those tabs yesterday by mistake and thought they would be much better than the narrower ones. They are better too as they allow you to position the card once in the card saver. The tabs are made of the same style plastic as the card saver which means they are quite rigid.

The 1’s definitely are more easily opened than the 2’s or the Ultra Pros but with that comes them not being ideal for storing cards.

Nice vid man, enjoyed the journey.

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What do PSA do with all the card savers they get in??? seems strange that they cant whack them in the box they send your cards back in…

Unless policy changed in the last few years they along with sleeves, tabs, wrap etc are all discarded like packing material.

That’s a disgusting waste of plastic :slightly_frowning_face:


And money… As 100 card savers costs $10-$15… :confused: