How to handle the scarcity of a graded PSA 10 card?

Im talking about scarce “low pop” PSA 10 graded cards specifically. Doesnt matter what card but in general. I look for pretty scarce cards, difficult to grade and just not easily accessible in general. I rarely find one even within a year or two. Depending on what Im searching, it could be long periods of time where its nowhere to be found. In a way, I like that. It shows me exclusivity and really brings on more interest for me as a collector to obtain that card. It shows the potential of its future value.

Now, what I was getting at. When these cards do pop up, the price is always pretty high because the collectors who have these cards know theyre difficult to come by. What confuses me is that sometimes, when the card is finally listed and bought, another collector with the same card posts it immediately after the other one sells, and for a way higher price. And the second one never sells as fast obviously. Sometimes it just halts and sits there. Showing everyone “hey hey its available when ya need it”. I get what the second seller is trying to do but at the same time I think that completely takes away the exclusivity of the card.

We go months or years not seeing it some of these cards, all this scarcity builds up and and this interest for it and then, someone decided to post it a day later after the first sells, thinking its helping the scarcity factor of the card. That takes away all the exclusivity for me and makes me glad I didnt buy the first card posted. People may say “but it raises the value of the card” I disagree. The FIRST purchase raised the value of the card, the second posting of the card for the higher price will just hold that new value because now everyone sees they can find it and it is in fact, accessible. Why would you show people that its not that hard to get and pretty much play yourself in the process. I dont think the second seller realizes its doing more harm than good. A little patience goes along way. Imo I would wait a couple of months or even a year before I post a card I know not too many people have or can get easily and maybe even post it for double. I would build that scarcity up again. I know some people need the money and are in the business to flip but at the same time that doesnt help an exclusive card become more… exclusive now does it.

Most of the time the “second sellers” card doesnt sell because the second listing of the card is likely way more expensive. From a collectors point of view is a card sells for $2k one day, its not worth 4k the very next day lol all that does is basically show everyone “hey its here if you need it” because we all know absolutely no one is going to look at cards price history and decide theyre gonna pay much more for it within the same month. All those months of searching and finding nothing and then suddenly flooding the market with 2 of the same card in a day span after the other one sells can turn off any collector imo. This is highly debatable but thats just how I see it most of the time. Depending on how exclusive were talking, Im not talking about trophy or illustrator cards or 1st ed psa 10 charizard those are on another lvl and there is an exception for those cards. Im talking about the cards making their way up that have been making major strides in price and popularity just by simply not being accessible over the years stemming from Base set all the way to Skyridge. Smpratte said that “set cards will always be accessible unlike trophy or other cards” in an old video I watched of his. Thats 100% true for the majority of set cards no debate there. (Again Im strictly talking about difficult to grade Gem Mint PSA 10 cards in sets that really dont show up at all on the market anymore, again not illustrators or tropical etc just to make that point clear again)

Im not knocking anyone or how they operate their businesses, Im stating how this can easily halt the value of a card and completely halt the exclusiveness and interest of the card. I feel as though a card can gradually and healthily grow without driving its price up because of the last sale that happened a couple of hours ago. I think there should be a period of time where the card shouldnt be in the market even though a guy who has it can easily list it for more. Just that patience factor. Leaving the card off the market for awhile knowing its scarce can really bring on a healthier growth and significantly higher growth. I would love to hear peoples opinions on this because I know I am 100% wrong on certain aspects of this topic because its very broad. Im just looking at it from a different prospective that recently caught my attention on how it could effect a psa 10 cards value. Is it the opposite of what Im saying? Does not posting the card if you have it after another one just sold, halt the card instead? Preferably asking tenured collectors who know card price and sell history and if this can negatively effect a card or not effect it at all? Thank you for listening!

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Hi and welcome to the forum.
You mentioned a number of items you “weren’t” talking about (ie; illustrator, tropical, 1st charizard etc) but it might help to know what you “are” talking about. Give us a couple examples.


Depends if the sellers care or not for the card. If I have an “”“exclusive”"" PSA 10 card and I see one sell for record price, I will try to post mine as well and make profit. Don’t think there is a pattern it is what it is. If you want to chase exclusive items go for rare cards instead of rare grades.

Something like PWCC to list the same cards on the same block is disadvantageous, sure. As for the other people posting cards right after one sold for more, why not? The scarcity is still there, the buyers are typically still there if it really is that rare of a card. Maybe someone bought it for 2K years back and a copy sold for 10K, they wanted to cash in.

I don’t really understand the point of this post? You think the value of cards is worth less if 2 are posted within a certain time and it inhibits the growth due to a waiting factor? You can’t really manipulate the market value of an item unless you own all copies in existence or you know for fact that yours is the only one that will ever be up for sale (basically the same thing as owning all copies available). Value is based on what people are willing to pay. Making someone wait longer might theoretically increase the price they are willing to pay, but usually up to a point. And if the item has that amount of demand, the 2nd copy will still have no issue selling around the same price.

So basically the way to achieve “healthy growth” is to get people to follow your set of arbitrary rules on how/when they should/shouldn’t list the cards they own.


Idk what you mean by scare. You need to be more specific with what cards your referring to for reference. If a card is like pop 2 scarce and rarely comes up for sale or pop 100? Sellers are free to charge what they want. If they don’t sell then they will adjust if they want. It’s completely up to the owner. Just pay what your comfortable with and if not just move on from the card and find something else your comfortable spending money on.

I dont understand how I completely forgot to list my references on the bottom of my very long post :rofl: . And thanks for being patient with me, youll all know soon enough I dont know much in this hobby and my questions can get a little aggravating.

For example there was a 1st edition Jungle Vaporeon psa 10 that sold for $500 about a year and a half ago. That was the selling price for the amount being sold at the time. A short time later it pops up again for the same price and is sold. And again a little after and sells again for that same price. Then the card stopped popping up completely out of nowhere. Like no where to be found at all. I still cant find one lol. The next one listed was not even a year later for 3k and the guy was getting $2,200 offers for it. So Im assuming its because this card was off the market and then popped up out of no where. Thus bringing it up to that insane price because it became really exclusive. Rightfully so. The scarcity made that card explode. So that made sense to me.

Now the main question for this entire topic that Im trying to ask is that AFTER the scarcity is established, and you rarely see these cards popping up anymore, is it smart to post another one 1, one hour or a day or a week after the first just sold in awhile? And for a lot more money? Even though the last one sold like an hour ago for way less? Is it a good move to rush in and see if anyone wants to spend an extra grand more than what the last one just sold for minutes ago? Or do people do that for another reason Im missing? I may have confused some people with alot of unnecessary comments in my original post but this is what Im trying to grasp.

Another example, a No symbol jungle vaporeon psa 10 pop 14 or something was so difficult to find for me. Literally me and a bunch of friends were looking for one for about a year. Then one suddently pops up and sells for around 2k I think it was, then a day later another one is posted for $3.5k. Does that usually work? I know its broad but Im trying to be as specific as possible. Should I be using this method? I just started selling but have been collecting for awhile.

Another example is with the no symbol jungle jolteon psa 10. So hard to obtain, looked everywhere for AWHILE, one gets posted on pwcc and someone buys it at a record price because people knew it was getting harder to find, the next day another one is on the market for a little higher but no one grabbed it. Not even people who lost the bid for the one that just sold on pwcc. Why is that? Its around the same price on the auction, why did everyone just halt? If the second seller would have waited a couple months to post it, would that bring more interest to the buyers rather than it being posted and accessible for a higher price moments later? Im asking for peoples opinions here and experiences. Not saying one is the right way and the other is the wrong way. I am on the side of the spectrum where I think exclusivity goes a long long way in this hobby and not finding cards rather than them being listed for high prices is more intriguing to me as a collector and a smarter move on the sellers part. Is this a good strategy?

This comment was very helpful and informative. Thank you very very much! Im still learning and I appreciate the knowledge.

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Im sorry I never asked anyone to follow a set of rules. Im just a confused just like my profile picture shows trying to learn a new sellers prospective and strategies. Yes my comment was super broad but I am still learning how to better articulate pokemon cards. I saw much more value in holding off on posting a scarce card, knowing you an very few others have it, rather than posting it soon after another one sells showing the market its here and obtainable. Ive seen cards sky rocket only when theyre not being posted often, for example the psa 10 dark magneton. Its off the market and then one pops up for whatever price the seller basically wants, I feel like that showed the most significant amount of growth for that card, along with all the jungles I listed in my other response, due to the fact they werent on the market and rarely pop up. Again I dont know too much about the hobby and would like to hear other peoples opinions. I can only imagine the guy who has the promo clefable psa 10 and how hes trying to wait to flex when he posts his soon (im only joking).

Edit: So to put it even simpler, if this new Dark Magneton posted for $3,500 sells for a record price, is it smarter to wait knowing you have another one and can post it months later for even higher while keeping it scarce and showing people they cant find it on the market and then just popping one out there? Or is it better to post one immediately after this one sells and for a much higher price? Is there more value to holding off on the card you know not everyone has or just post it soon after? Sorry for repeating.

A lot of that is just the nature of the auction beast. We have collectors here who hoard no symbols and will go after any that pop up. That could add to both the scarcity and value.
Finally, many of us have tons of stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day in years. If I see something that’s suddenly on the rise (#17:wink: I’ll check to see if I have them then list it high with an offer. Some of those you saw listed may have had the offer feature too.


@spikespiegal, The only answer is there is no one answer. Scarcity by definition is not enough supply to meet demand. It drives many markets.

When you are focusing on the genuinely rare/scarce items, it boils down to what Dan said, who will make the first move. The “above market” prices I’ve been paying over the past decade on actual scarce/rare items are now a steal. However at the time, 90% of buyers were saying, “The last one only sold for x price”, “Those cards are too niche”.

tl;dr Where is the cheaper option? If that cannot be answered, you have nothing to negotiate. Prices are simply a reflection of what someone is willing to pay, they aren’t a permanent all inclusive answer.


I think you’re overthinking this. People see a new record sale and they realize they can get multiple times what they paid for an item, they are ready to cash out. So they list high to capitalize on the momentum, interest and newly established price. If you’re trying to milk every last dollar from the item, yes you should hold out until the demand bumps the price even higher. But by that logic, you will never sell the card because you can always wait it out longer and potentially make more.
This is what happens when you have many people buying just for the sake of reselling. When it reaches a point where they can cash out and capitalize they will. If you have a large number of people trying to do this at the same time then the sellers are now competing with themselves. A scarce card is more protected from price drops because of this there are just less sellers competiting but for a more abundant card, this is what causes prices to drop after a big spike.

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Never thought of that! Very true and thank you for that. To be clear here, I have done the exact same thing of posting immediately after a price spike sale on many cards. Thanks for underlying that the topic is specifically for cards you dont see often. Of course selling after a price spike is the smartest thing to do with bountiful cards, for example the base set unlimited psa 10 charizard I bought for $1,200 and resold the second I found out how much they were going for for $1,800 a day after they started selling for that much. Yes that was smart and that goes for any card in the hobby, but just for the cards Im talking about specific and exclusive cards, you mentioned that you may use the same strategy as you would other cards and post them after relatively soon after one sells for a record price? Then I will try that and thank you for the advice! I thought it would be taking away the mystery of the card but I can see how people may grow more interested in that sense.

“A scarce card is more protected from price drops because of this there are just less sellers competiting but for a more abundant card, this is what causes prices to drop after a big spike.” Very informative! Just like the rest of what you wrote. Trust me, I overthink way too much lol youre right. My questions basically was “is waiting to post better for a scarce cards sale rather than posting immediately” could have been my entire post instead I added 20 more paragraph to it hahaha. This is not a huge concern for me just wanted to see what everyone else thought about it! From my experience I see that when you hold off on a card the price spike is significantly higher and brings it up to a while new lvl just like I see certain no symbol jungles getting to. I didnt know I would get these many responses in such a short period of time! Thats dope and much appreciated. Im glad I signed up for this forum where has it been all my life lol

solid reply bud!

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Very very helpful. Thank you.

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I should have been more specific I didnt know where to start and created a monstrosity lol people were still nice enough to answer my questions thankfully haha. Another example I can think of that would explain better is the 1st edition jungle jolteon psa 10. That was selling for $400 5 months ago. Havent seen many since. Maybe 1 and now they’re all basically gone. I personally cannot find one unless it’s currently being listed on Ebay as we speak. And its not considered low pop I dont think, its just not on the market atm. And I’ve never experienced it jot being on the market this long. From $400 people are now willing to pay and offering $800 - $1000. I find that to be because it’s not accessible at the moment. I dont see any other reason for the price doubling like that coinsicentally within the months it’s no where to be found. I dont see growth to that extreme unless it’s become scarce is what I was saying. Meanwhile this card use to be posted one after the other jolteon after jolteon, the cards price steadily increased slowly but surely, then all of sudden, the card is no longer up and went from a steady increase to a boom. Its now considered a $800 card. That to me, is because people arent putting them on the market now. Compared to when people would post one after the other. And again I dont believe the jolteon, dont quote me on this, is even a low pop. It’s pretty up there in pop I think. So i thought the entire reason it skyrocketed is simply because there are no longer accessible at the moment. I feel as though if someone posts one for 1k now they can get close to that price and set a new standard for the card. Do I think this would have been possible with the cards being in the market, sure but not that fast of a spike. So what I’m saying is that when a card becomes not accessible on the market, and all of a sudden one appears and sets a new standard, is it good to post another one immediately after or simply to wait, knowing the chances of it being found again are low, and posting at a later time to try and bring it to that new price standard. People have already answered my question so you dont have to take any time out to answer this I just wanted to clarify. Everyone was nice enough to give very reliable answers and knowledge. Had no idea this site is that quick to respond. Very helpful people who know what they’re talking about. I on the other hand, can stir the pot and debate just to debunk something. I still have a waaaays to go lol. But the more I question things the more answers I get even if it means looking like a dumbass haha all worth it in this hobby. Thank you for your interest and response!!

You seem to be able to describe things quite well so you don’t need to be so wordy. Some of us don’t have as much time to peruse all the threads;)

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Sometimes you got to wonder what changed from 6 months ago when you couldnt give away cards that are now in demand at nearly double the price.

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