How to avoid customs.

I recently sold my Charizard ex to a buyer in the UK. I was wondering if this would work to help him avoid import fees:
label as “gift”
put price at $5
put a fake birthday letter in, so if customs does open it up, it’d look like a real gift.


If the value is under £15 the person won’t get charged customs anything over that amount he will most likely get charged.

Another thing iv recently found out if a parcel is marked as ‘Return’ with any value there wont be any custom charges either that is what PSA do to avoid the reciever getting additional charges.

So put that as whats in the parcel?

The description of the parcel should just pokemon card.

And where do I put the return?

Where it says ‘gift’ 'commercial ’ etc there should be one that says ‘other’ just mark that and write return next to it.