How much to sell a Neo Destiny sealed box for

If you are selling packs individually work into the price for shipping as well as 36 x shipping costs might outweigh any gains from selling sealed

As well take into consideration the time it takes to sell.

I think if he was offered ~$1000 that is a good deal for him. They have sold a few times on eBay in the $800-$1000 range in the past year or so.

I was lucky enough early last year to pick up 3 of them (2 sealed) and some neo discovery packs for like $2k which was a great deal on the buy side. $1000 is a great deal on the sell side IMO. All this is assuming unlimited version. First edition would be $1500-$2k no doubt.

depends how much time he wants to waste selling 36 items compared to 1 and whether the price difference is worth that time.

Yes individual packs sell for slightly more. It’s also more of a hassle. Boxes for the last 2 years have sold for $800-1000. Don’t open the box. Its not worth it.

Thanks for all the replies! We’ll see what he does.

I will delete this thread soon :blush: