How many Moonbreons did you own? (survey)

Give it 8 years, it would become vintage.


None for right now. Been taking the opportunity to focus on vintage while the market for it has been down.

Not down. Just settling back to where it should be.


As many as I’d like to have.

ah for those TG/CSRs i have like 4 Umbreon V CSRs (2 Japanese(1 in a PSA 10,1 Raw for my binder), 1 Thai and 1 English) and for the Vmax CSR i have 1 Japanese, 1 Thai and 1 English.

personally the TG/CSR Umbreons are my favourite Umbreons of the SWSH era.

many people are saying this


Without too much no-true-scottsman, I wonder if that type of divide is a bit of a new money/old money thing.

Older collectors, not necessarily in age, moreso in experience with the IP, might care more about seeing a favorite Pokemon with an iconic trainer. There will be many great artworks of the Pokemon solo, but any particular trainer/Pokemon pairing might come significantly less frequently.

Less experienced collectors, or anyone only looking at it for the current market value and ability to flip profitably, might just look at these 3 cards and decide to go all in on the most expensive, rarest version. There’s no doubt that Moonbreon is a great artwork. It is also a full art, alternate art VMAX card, so - top rarity in the set. For a lot of people I imagine, more rare = more good, regardless of anything else.

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I really like the card and artwork but as with a lot of other cards i dont understand/justify the crazy (crazy to me) price point. If i pulled it i would keep it for sure, i dont grade but itd go in a special binder until someone offered me something i felt was worth while. A big name staff card or something probably. I do grab ES packs whenever i see them at retail though because of that.

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The Umbreon CSR is the only Umbreon card I actually have in a 10.


You consider evolutions vintage? I surely dont

Eh, Evolutions is 8 years old, and a full 2 generations out… It’s no longer a possibility of being reprinted so it’s got a few vintage checkmarks going for it.

There’s no hard rule but typically outside of Pokemon people generally agree that a thing needs to be at least 20 years old to be vintage


Eh, do most of us speak and/or read Japanese?


Its questionable if some of us speak/read English on here…


This is my personal collection


So how long have you worked in a pokemon card factory?

My uncle works at Nintendo and gave them to me for my birthday


I was lucky and pulled one back in fall 2021. Got it graded with CGC and it came back a Pristine 10 so I’m happy with what I’ve got.

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I had been eyeing this thread for a possibility to revive another thread. And with this card you can help!

If you would want to help your card ticks another box in the shared scavenger hunt!

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Currently own
Raw: English
Graded: PSA 10 of English, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Thai, Chinese

How many did you own
Dozens, I bought many of them when they were at their lowest all the way to when the price crossed the Ray VMAX (many if not most of the TCGPlayer purchases in that period were from me). I graded a good chunk and sold everything (far from the highest sadly). I like to believe I was a component of the sudden rise in the price of the card