How far can I prepare a PSA submission in advance?

I have my first PSA submission without a middleman coming up.
Since this submission consists of a couple of hundred cards, I want to prepare the submission bit by bit.
Also, I am speculating on a useful PSA Holiday Special.
That is why I am wondering how far I can prepare the submission without prevent myself from going back and not being able to chose the holiday special tier.

And how long does PSA save a submission? Days? Weeks? Months?

Side question. I have a slab that got some kind of crumbs encased in it. I want PSA to reslab it without the dirt they put it. Can I send this in the same submission, or do need to open an extra submission with a different package? (Coming from Europe, this would be quite bothersome.)

I believe you can send two submissions in the same package but it will return in separate shipments, so reslabing just one card is going to cost you, I could be wrong though.

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I believe submission forms are valid for 1 month after creation.

You can send multiple submissions within one package. There is options to do so and you will receive barcodes to attach to the outside of your package. Cards will be returned separately if there are different service levels.

I was listening to Gem Mints podcast yesterday (NextGenTCG) and they said PSA are keeping their bulk pricing for the next year. I’m not sure how accurate that is but I doubt they would have spoken on it without some kind of reliable information.

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This is correct, I’ve done it a few times

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I think @genchiro is asking how long the unsubmitted submission remains in memory on the website, so he can fill everything out and wait to see if there will be a special before actually committing (so he intends to save the submission before obtaining the submission forms). Once you’ve confirmed it you should indeed make sure it arrives within 1 month.

On topic again, it could be saved indefinitely for all I know. From personal experience, its at least a 3 days.

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I have an unfinished one from a year ago, so genchiro should be fine.

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They save for a long time, and you can jump back and change submission tier whenever you want to (until you do the final confirmation and submit)

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As far as I remember you will NOT get the special price if the submismission hasn’t been completed.
It will adjust to the current price.