How Do YOU Open your Pack/Box/Case?

So off and on, I’ll look over PSA guides on how to open cases and such to pull 10 gem mint cards so that, when I do indulge into PSA grading at some point in the future, I can do so the right way.

However, there seems to be lot of variations on how to pull cards and case them, from people doing an upside down penny sleeve into a toploader, to simply placing them in the clear case folders, to some bizarre methods that contain plastic wrap and free-weight packaging (they’d put the card in between two sides of plastic wrap and then put it inside these little tuperware like items so it would kind of just “float” between the bottom and the top not touching anything).

Some people wear gloves, whereas some people just use their bare hands and a light touch, others use complicated lighting and ventilation, and others do it in a dark room.

I’m wondering what you guys do to preserve your cards to the best they can be? For me, I normally do the commonplace practice of, wash my hands well, dry them well, sit down in my room, open the package carefully, use my bare hands, upside down penny sleeve, then toploader or binder. Done.

What about you guys?

For those who have PSA experience, what have been your successes and failures or trials and methods?

My methods are pretty similar to yours! I won’t touch a card unless I have just washed and thoroughly dried my hands. I will use scissors to cut the top of a pack open, making sure not to cut or nick any cards. I don’t do any “tricks” with card because needless shuffling is enough to cause a scuff mark. Most of my notable cards go upside down first into a KMC Perfect-Fit sleeve, then right side up into an Ultra Pro Matte sleeve. I keep a very clean area to open cards that is totally free of dust so I can simply set down stacks of less desirable characters.

I think it is important to note that with PSA (and older packs especially), you aren’t necessarily guaranteed Gem Mint cards. Back when I first started grading I had a large Charizard collection. I would buy packs when possible to add cards to that collection. I pulled a couple Charizards from Base and another from Expedition that year, none of which could have gotten a PSA 10 due to printing imperfections and age.

Make a pentagram out of chickenblood, light two black candles and wish for the packet to be opened. I’ve only lost 2 good cards doing this due to random hellfire.


I just kind of open them. I’m not nearly this careful. And I’m convinced my methods produce the same results.

Then again… @viperfox breaks the system. 2 URs in each of their Wild Blaze boxes :open_mouth:

I usually just make sure hands are clean.

Dang for a second I thought you were serious that there is a UR Pidgeotto. I’d freaking love one!

Gotcha! :blush: