How do You contact the sellers from YahooJAPAN?

How do you contact the sellers from yahoojapan and buyee and stuff?

Unless you speak Japanese, I don’t think you can. You might be able to contact Buyee support and ask them to ask the seller your questions. Or use a middleman who can speak Japanese.

cough* @japanime *cough


It would be cool if they had an ask seller direct question button like ebay and then I use googez translate, but oh well. What does Early Finish - Yes Mean?

I believe it refers to whether or not you can win the auction via BIN price. Not 100% sure though lol.

hmmm well there is no buy it now price on all the listings i have seen this description on.

Oh, don’t listen to me then. I don’t know what I’m saying haha. I do know that sometimes the auctions will extend by like 5 mins after the “finish” time, if someone bids during the closing minutes. Maybe those listings you saw would end when they’re supposed to, even if someone bids in the closing minutes of the auction.

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Nah I listened, I think it makes sense man, what you said.

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k makes sense

Early finish doesn’t give me much to work with… Can you C&P the sentence or?

(I meant the Japanese)

The Early Finish means that the seller can take down the listing though iirc.

Ohhh you meant the sentence in the description… Well I can’t even remember what listing I was talking about that day xD

Thanks for your help though. I just grabed that picture from a listing I won recently that had the same description thingy saying early finish.