How do people constantly find cards to grade?

Might be a stupid question but I am honestly wondering if they just scour eBay or they know someone.

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eBay, Yahoo Japan, opening packs, trading…finding cards to grade is actually not that difficult as long as you put a good amount of time into it!

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Widen your search field and start saving searches on ebay. If you’re dealing with a private seller then ask him for some pictures of his for sale cards. It mostly comes down to having a large range of different sources like ebay, amazon, facebook groups etc. and acting fast when new things pop up!

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A lot of people also take risks and pay more for a perceived mint raw card. There is no secret island of cheap raw mint cards. It ultimately is a mixture of effort in searches and/or the amount of money you are willing to spend on a raw card.


Thanks everyone for the responses so far. It is what I suspected just wasn’t sure about it.

Have no life and search all selling sites constantly lol ;p


This guy said it… I message people from listings I see all around the world, and they didnt have the cards up for listing when i GOT MOSt of my stuff. I was willing to pay alot more then others and so they gave in and gave me there minty cards. Many many time be spent.

Pretty much just spend all your time and savings on cards/boxes. I’m about $8300 into it and finding some satisfactory results. But please note, you must trade out any possibility of finding and maintaining new relationships with women.


You’ve got to realize that we also work our way through a lot of shite cards too. The buys off Yahoo Japan that are less mint that the pictures would imply don’t make it to the collection threads. Everyone on here just has fantastic persistence and commitment.

Also yeah, that island that Smpratte mentioned is real. The Walmart has nothing newer than ex Deoxys, and the flea markets are full of trophy cards. Someone will PM you the coordinates once you hit 50 posts.


What I’ve been doing recently is taking the time to ask for more detailed pictures for auctions. This risks me losing out on a quality item, though, but helps guarantee whether my money will be well spent or not. As I’m just looking for specific cards to grade now, it helps narrow the search.

i been waiting for the coords since i hit 50…

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Like others have said. It is a situation where you only see the highlights. I havw had some DISASTROUS buys and so has everyone else. Most of the time they do not get shown.

Money brings out a lot of grade able cards as well. People are willing to spend a lot of money taking a risk on a card. The newer PSA 9 1st ed Charizards most likely sold raw for upwards of 1000 dollars, even more in some cases.


Correct… there is no secret island of mint raw cards… so stop looking for it. :wink:

I’m headed out to the isl… I mean to go scour eBay. :grin: