How do I tell if a card is glossy?

Basically, what the title says. If I’m looking at cards on Y!J or eBay, how can I tell if the card is glossy or not from just the picture?

It is difficult to tell from a photo. If the auction is on ebay maybe ask the seller to feel the card.

On YJ! it will probably be more of an estimated guess unless you ask the middle man service to ask the seller about the card.

As Scott said it can be be difficult looking at a photo. However, if the cards primary distribution method is to be peeled off of something i.e. coro coro promos/vending cards, then it is a safe bet it is glossy. If the card came from a pack, or loose inside of a magazine, then it is most likely non glossy. That being said, leave nothing to chance and ask the seller :blush: