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I’m new to UPCCC; basically I have a small, but growing, personal Pokemon card collection. I unfortunately sold off a lot of my collection when I started college and needed the money :slightly_frowning_face: I’m also an active Pokemon seller via my eBay Store.

I have a question for other eBay sellers… With the up-coming holiday season shopping soon upon us, how do you “drive traffic” to your eBay Store? Currently, I provide business cards in all my packages to promote my name as well as providing a “free gift” for any purchase over $5.00 (Sealed Marill #29). What are some of the things, if any, you do to promote your eBay Store?

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Around the Holiday season I tend to drop prices just a tad and put up as many BIN listings as possible. You’d be surprised how many people take those BINs within just a week. I would like to use business cards in the future but I go through cycles of buying and selling as opposed to constant selling. At some points throughout the year, I don’t have any inventory whatsoever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this helps.

I give away first edition charizards


Yes, I normally try and stick with BIN listings as well with a few auctions scattered in every week in order to drive traffic to my eBay store. I find business cards to be helpful, I know I’ve gotten at least a few repeat costumers that way. You can get a really nice design for really cheap if you are to visit “Vista Print”.

I’ll check it out! Thanks for the great advice. This holiday I plan to sell a huge portion of my collection and inventory yet again.

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I’m Sorry, I figured I had a unique username. I used this user because it’s also my eBay User ID and store name.

It’s a pretty awesome username if I do say so myself! Except mines better because I spelt school the cool way :stuck_out_tongue: haha

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With lower price items I think the business card and over 5.00 bonuses work pretty well. I’ve tried both and got no help from them but it may be because I don’t have anything under 50.00 for sale.
I thought before that it may be because buyers mainly depend on searches and not sellers.

Yea, I’ve tried setting up a YouTube channel a few different times and have made 4 or 5 videos. I just can’t seem to get into the whole YouTube aspect of Pokemon, so I’ve kind of given up on that.

With all the items sold and shipped with registered mail I add one custom pack.
Each pack include 5 cards (Japanese) and always you can find 1 holo card inside the pack.
I’ve already made the new version for the Japanese release of XY
If someone likes my idea, I can create a new post where users can download the PSD template and print your custom pack.
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That’s actually a really cool idea! I’ve seen sellers who give “free cards”, but never anyone who created custom packs for the cards. If I may add a suggestion though; it may be a good idea to insert the URL of your eBay Store/Items Page onto the pack somewhere. That way, in the future, people can still find your items.

I see that you have your User ID on the pack, but I’ve found most new buyers don’t know how to look-up sellers by there User ID.

[/quote]I see that you have your User ID on the pack, but I’ve found most new buyers don’t know how to look-up sellers by there User ID.[/quote]
With the 5 cards I add my business card with my mail, phone and address. Customers can contact me with multiple choices. :wink: