Hole in wrapper of Unbroken Bonds booster box

Hey guys. I made a post about a year ago www.elitefourum.com/t/unbroken-bonds-box-resealed/27230/1 about an Unbroken Bonds booster box where i was concerned about the wrapper. I purchased the box from Collector’s Cache. Ive been storing the booster box in an air conditioned closet out of the humidity. Unfortunately it has developed a hole in the wrapper on the top of the box. I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this, as the box has not experienced any wear and tear from movement. It has sat on a shelf. I can provide pictures if anyone is curious, just worried if i ever go to sell it that the buyer will be skeptical of tampering. Especially as its value increases. Thanks for your time

As a buyer, a hole in the wrapper would be a huge red flag for me.

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I am curious why it would develop a hole in the wrapper by itself? Is it due to humidity/temperature fluctuation?

Exactly. I wouldn’t want to buy a box with a hole in the seal

I’m not sure. We run the heat during winter and ac during summer. I’m positive there wasn’t a hole when I bought it

I am not exactly sure what could have caused it but the plastic wrap could have a very tiny hole it before the new hole was created. There are also micro holes in the booster packs for air pressure equalization. The cardboard could have absorbed enough humidity to just put enough pressure on the plastic wrap to create the hole.

For long-term storage of sealed product what you want to do is put the items in a cardboard box or similar hard container. Then wrap the entire container in a plastic bag. Toss in a silica gel (dehumidifier) packet in before you seal off the bag. Make sure you seal off the bag where no air can escape or enter the bag. I like this method because it is cheap and very effective. Also helps to keep out insects that might eat cardboard/paper and prevents water from getting in (imagine getting a roof leak where your collection is).

Also yes, extreme heat or cold can damage the product. I think this is what is happening when people get booster boxes with really janky plastic wrap. It has been exposed to an extreme temperature (likely in shipping) that has called the plastic wrap to deform. Under extreme cold plastic becomes harder, stiffer and more bridle. The opposite happens under hot conditions - weaker, more flimsy etc. I would think it would have to be very cold or very hot to really cause damage to the plastic.

Most likely it is the temperature and humidity that caused the hole. Likely the wrap was already very tight on the box and that very subtle change was the breaking point for the wrap. I could see it happening if the box was previously roughly handled.

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