HK Card shop

Lol… I know you went to Tsuen Wan before…

I already went there last year, used to work nearby, I knew the owner… he hated me because I always asked for more pokemon lol

However, I didn’t know he had fully sealed sandstorm cases left.

You done well!

He doesn’t speak English mate. Helps if you speak Chinese…I asked if he had sealed boxes of the various packs you see here…and he sent the guy from the other shop into the storage and had every box tucked away!

Not sure if there’s anything of great value here…as I don’t recognise the booster packs. I only know wotc stuff!

lol… I can speak Cantonese to him… and PTH separately for a matter of fact, canton is a bit harder than mando too, and locals deeply; really dislike mandarin speakers around in Hong Kong.

Anyways, I know the local collectors who went through there years before us, and took the best items. I never found anything ultra rare in HK.

I remember the lady across from his store has some newer holos, but pretty pricy.

I speak both fella. Been in GZ 5 years. And if I struggle to say it in Cantonese, I’ll say it in Mandarin, or write it out.

How long were you in HK? Surprised you speak any Cantonese at all, considering everyone speaks English to foreigners there. Even many of the taxi drivers speak English!

Question from someone who has sadly never travled outside hometown of USA…

The price tag for some of the packs says $18 or $27. Is that for the whole lot of packs (maybe 4 or 8 packs) or is it for 1 pack??? If that $18/27 is the price of just one pack, what currency is it in? Sorry I am so clueless about shopping in Hong Kong, but just curious.

Careful, now. This isn’t a contest. It doesn’t matter who’s lived where, or for how many years. It’s great that you can speak Cantonese. But so can @kkthxbai. We’ll leave it at that, OK?

(I’ve encountered this too many times in Japan — foreigners who think they are “special” because they’ve lived here for X number of years and can speak the language, and cast doubt on others who say that they, too, are fluent. It’s immature and condescending.)

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Wasn’t having a contest - was just coversation, and impressed he learned Cantonese in HK. settle down.

No worries! Those prices ar eper pack. And they use Hong Kong Dollars in HK. Which is why there’s a dollar sign, which may have thrown you off!

18 HKD is about 2 USD roughly.

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$18 to $27 Hong Kong Dollars is the price of an individual booster pack.

It works out around $2.60 USD for 1 booster.

Lol, you should go see Korean Money, or Vietnamese money haha. Vietnam have a $500000 dollar note; which = $23 USD

The currency exchanges all get a bit confusing >.< hence why there is google!!

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Please don’t tell me to “settle down.” I’m here to moderate, and if I find something of concern, I raise that concern.

It was the second post in this thread where I felt you were calling into question another member’s claim that he, too, can speak Chinese. I let the first one — “He doesn’t speak English, mate. Helps if you speak Chinese” — slide, as I figured it might have been a harmless comment. But when you then followed up with “I can speak both fella,” I read it as one-upmanship.

Having said that, I apologize if I misunderstood your comments.

Just leave it mate. It was misconstrued, as things often are on a public forum. Perhaps raise that concern in a message if you feel I’m out of order, otherwise it turns into one of these defensive posts from the ‘perpetrator’, and it goes on and on. I know you’ve met some muppets abroad, as we all have. Quick to assume I’m one of them!

Oh wow well if thats the price…I want to go shop at this Hong Kong shop! Or any shop in Japan for that matter.

Yeah - I can pick stuff up for members here if they want - that was my intention when I made this post…I should have clarified!