HG/SS Banner (?)

So I bought this banner from a Goodwill a couple months back, and I’ve been looking around and asking people, but nobody seems to know too much about it. I did hear from one person that it might have been used at a convention since it’s 6x10 feet, standing tall. Does anybody know anything about it?

I think GameStop gave those out with pre-orders for the HeartGold and SoulSilver games.

Although it does seem a bit larger than I thought…

Holy crap, my bed isn’t 6ft. By 10ft.!

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It also has this giant frame made of tubing and some sort of really heavy metal as the feet.
This website seems to have most HG/SS pre-release thing and it’s missing from it.

What is this thing… ?

The way you are describing it makes it sound exactly like the standing banners they set up at state, regional, national and world tournaments.

The question I want to know is where are you going to put it? :grin:

The back is completely white, from what I can tell, I haven’t unrolled it since purchase, and it was over the internet so I only got a small glimpse of the back.

Yeah, but there are a few differences I’ve found, the banners at nationals and such always have the logo for that tournament on them. I have also looked at pictures from the tournaments from the year surrounding the HG/SS release and found nothing.

Also a side query, has anybody ever seen one of these things sold? I am curious as to what value it has for my personal collection.

One way you can find out what it is, email the Pokemon company. Do not mention pricing or what it is worth. Just act like you ginualy want to figure out what this is from. I usually get a reply back, if it is something rare or obscure.

Would you happen to have the specific e-mail address that you have gotten positive replies from so I’m not just shooting in the dark?

I don’t think this is a good email address to contact them about this, you could try. Otherwise I’ve already emailed a card authenticator, I know. He’ll send me the addresses, I used last time. I’ll send you his response. Sorry, I can’t help atm.