Help Me Finish Unleashed!

So some offers fell through, and now here I am, 10 cards short of a complete HS-Unleashed set. Please only offer 100% Mint cards (Even with all the extreme collectors here, I am NEROTIC lol) Also, please send Non-RH versions, I want the Normal ones. Thanks!

Kingdra Prime
Lanturn Prime
Entei-Raikou Legend (Both Halves)
Raikou-Suicune Legend (Both Halves)
Suicune-Entei Legend (Both Halves)
Prerelease Blastoise (STAFF Stamped)
Mismagius 5/95 Non-Holo (Theme Deck Alternate)
Steelix 24/95 Holo (Theme Deck Alternate)

Thanks! I will update with RH wants to make it a Master Set after ths core set itself is completed. Thanks.

i got xatu lanturn prime and the raikou suicune legend pieces.what ur trading for em

What do you need?

looking for entei raikou top piece and the legend pieces from undaunted

I have these, $4 shipped