Help Me Collect All Japanese Old Back CGC Cert #s

Hey guys, me and a friend are building an info resource using scans of old-back JP cards from CGC’s database and we need your help! CGC said “we can give the scan images but sorry, you have to give us the certification #s (see example below) of the cards you want.” Higher grades are best but we’ll take all. Thanks!

Isn’t CGC coming out with a searchable population database this year? If so, it might make sense to just wait for that.


I was also under the impression CGC was already logging all their cards into a database that could be searched and would soon be released? Maybe I’m wrong, I didn’t look too in depth into it. Maybe send CGC customer support an email and ask them about it, they can probably help more than anyone here.

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Thanks for the link. Could be useful but without an estimated arrival date we want to start now! Think of it as an excuse to show off some of your cards, I know you collectors can’t resist haha

Here’s a submission I posted in the grading results thread, tons of old back Japanese cards!! :blush: The submission number was 3742479, if you need the cert number just add the line number to the end of the submission number (e.g. 3742479001).


thank you @willyboy,

Will add the excel list once it starts getting populated, just finishing get everything ready with the first ten sets. Appreciate the help!