Help finding proper size of sleeves

I had recently bought a couple of Dragon Shield Card Codex binders and have been putting my cards in. Usually for this type of binder, I side-load a card after putting it first into an ultra pro premium sleeve, and it fits rather snugly (Ultra pro premium sleeves are 1 size smaller than ultra pro regular penny sleeves, and can be used as an inner sleeve inside one).

However, for only 1 of the binders, the top-bottom length for each row is sized incorrectly. The top row is very long, so long that I can use normal penny sleeves instead. The middle row is just right, so I can use ultra pro premiums. But the bottom row is too narrow to fit either of these sleeves.

TLDR I am looking for a sleeve whose length is a bit slightly shorter (i.e. 1-2mm) than an ultra pro premium, has the same width, is transparent, and ideally having the same texture. Are there any sleeve experts who can help me figure out which brands/types of sleeves would work for this? Thanks!

I had the same issue with a different binder brand but i ended up just using perfect fit sleeves, still annoying and inconsistent looking but they were the last 2 binders out of 24 i’m using of the same looks so had to come up with at least some solution

I use vaultx perfect fits, but you could use dragonshields own perfect fits too.

It’s the one complaint I have about the binder actually, aside from that I think it’s the best one I own.

One solution is to just trim the sleeves if you don’t want to buy different sized ones.