Help finding a plastic holder/case for ANA boarding passes

So I recently go these really cool Pokemon ANA gold boarding passes and was hoping to display them in some sort of plastic case or holder. But they are strange dimensions: 4" by just under 2 3/8". Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!



I used a toploader to hold the passes

I use Card Saver II to protect them but they’re not necessarily for display. Try ultra pro screw down case.

Ok thanks for the help guys. Aren’t the screw down cases made for regular size cards?

Aren’t they too long for a top loader though?

No… I use a different size toploader. Toploader comes in all shapes and size. If you need to buy some Oversized/Jumbo toploaders, let me know. I have some for sale, just let me know which one ones.

Do you have any that fit the ANA boarding passes pretty closely or do they have a lot of room around the edges?