Have you ever seen this card?

What I have is a Base Set 2 Pikachu and unlike EVERY OTHER Base 2 Pika mine is a red cheek. This card shouldn’t exist yet here it is in my hand…if ANYONE knows ANYTHING about this card please help me. Im not sure how to post pics and im typing this from my phone. So if you need pics I can show yu from twitter or something…thanks for reading my post and uh PLEASE HELP ME lol =)

Picture? Aka twitter link

Heres a link =) mobile.twitter.com/PokeCardAddict/media/grid?idx=1
this is my account and my card if yu can help please do =)

Any indication that the cheeks might have been altered with a marker or something similar?
Not accusing you or anything. Just in a cases like this is pays to be thorough.

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Seems like it is drawn on.

No thats what I thought too heres a close up mobile.twitter.com/PokeCardAddict/media/grid?idx=0

Same picture, try rubbing it off. Isn’t close enough to the regular red cheeks error to me.

Dang yu think so?
these are pics from yesterday, so wen I get home I’ll check it again. Hopefully more people read my post and I can get multiple feedbacks. Once I get home I’ll post more and let yu know what happened =) and thanks :slight_smile:

So you bought it somewhere thinking it was an error? Paid a lot for it?

No actually I got it randomly a while back in a 400 card lot I paid like 20 for the cards I bought it because of the holos that were included in the lot. I didnt even think anything of it until Two days ago was wen I first noticed that there were no other base 2 red cheeks on ebay, amazon ANYWHERE. The 2 big card accounts on twitter that follow me didnt know what to think either, so now im here hoping to figure this out lol.

There is too much white around the cheeks where it looks someone altered it. If you do a quick side by side comparison to a normal base 2 and a shadowless red cheek you can see the difference.

This pretty much sums it up. The card has been altered.

What’s next, red cheeks intro deck pikachu?

If only :blush:

Pink Wing Charizard Base Set Box

When I get home I’ll do that. I dont have a shadowless red cheek but i do have a shadowed red cheek so I’ll compare the three cards (base red base 2 yellow and the base 2 red). im falling closer and closer to believing its fake lol. Do think sending it to psa just for an “authentic” grading would be worth the money even if its 90% most likely an altered card?

Lmao how annoying ive had the card for about 2 years and I never thought anything other than “how funny that theyed actually make the red cheek in the base set 2 as well” just to find out I have some faked card. xD

It would be a poor use of money. Many of us grade frequently, including lots of things that haven’t been graded prior to our submissions. And I think the consensus is a lot more certain than 90%. It’s 100%.

Think of it this way. What are the odds that in all this time, a single error exists on a common card from a set that’s been heavily opened and observed and no one has noticed it until now?

I love cool variants. I’m all about them. So it’s not about whether or not we want the card to be real or fake, it just comes down to the impossibility of this being a real card. Not to mention it doesn’t appear real. The coloring of the cheeks is I consistent with the printing. We have base set to show us what a red cheeks variant of this card would look like if it were legitimate.

There’s still merit to keeping it around to personally enjoy.


Oh well I guess thats it then, a fake red cheek ^_^, thank yu, and thank you everyone who replied I shall keep it and call it my one of a kind red cheek base set, one of a kind of course because its been altered :wink:

I’ll give you one dollar for the card

He can’t sell on our forum as he has fewer than 100 posts. Just a reminder. :wink: